Do Caponians need a spacesuit?

If the aliens in Zak McKracken (the Caponians) were on Mars, would they need a spacesuit or not?

  • Yes, they are as stupid as we are.
  • Yes, they have a nose.
  • No, they are smarter than we are.
  • No, they have special hidden gills.
  • Yes, because yes.
  • No, because no.

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Is it somehow possible to use the blue crystal on mars? On the broom?

Actually I’m not quite sure which answer I should pick. They don’t need a device to breathe on earth and on their spaceship Zak is able to breath. So I would assume that they need the atmosphere on the earth too. But that would mean that they need a spacesuit on mars. The right answer would then be “yes, because yes”?

I think they would. They are not martians, neither are the Skolarians. They are not very smart, so they probably don´t know much about all the clues the Skolarians left on Mars.

The youth hostel has instructions in many alien languages so I assume that all the other races also need oxygen.

Also gills are for extracting oxygen from water. They can´t do that if there is none.

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I wouldn’t be so sure about that: They are able to build fancy machines and spaceships. Only the one working at the machine isn’t very clever. :slight_smile:

Those are good points but I think David always stresses the fact that they are not the smartest in general. Also in that one cut scene dialogue and in the epilogue they mention that the point of their mission is to make the people of earth dumber than they are themselves.

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There is proof in Zak that not all races do!
I think the oxygen in the youth hostel is just to accommodate oxygen breathing species.

That being said, it looks like whoever built the Mars Face added an oxygen generator. Was it the Skolorians or another species? Again, it might not have been for themselves.
I like to think there was a time all alien species (including aerobic ones) used to gather for big meetings there. That’s also why the Caponians are known to other races, because they used to fight over stuff and they left the committee.


Good point.

But what about the broom?
Aha! (Insert Phoenix Wright meme here)


Isn´t the hostel and the Mars face the remants of a giant space amusement park? Or is the the National Inquisitor Fake News? :scream:


The Skolarians have at least build the hologram machine on Mars.

The broom alien has no mouth, but can speak. It has no nose, but can sneeze.
It can adapt to any atmosphere.

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I think we are lead to belive that the skolarians not only build most of the buildings on mars but at least helped with the construction of all the ancient constructions on earth as well. That goes with the whole ancient astronauts myth. Of course that would mean they can´t have left “millenia ago”

Arghhh, all those little inconsistencies…

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Do Broom Aliens Dream of Electric Vacuum Cleaners?


Why inconsistent?

They built it, left and some the cavemen humans claimed it as their own afterwards to oppress the rest and seize the power. If you think of it, that’s still how things roll today.

Because not all the constructions in Zak are “millenia” old.

And what about the UFO from 1947? Were those Skolarians leaving the Blue Crystal in the cave?

Stonehenge, Pyramids in Egypt, Pyramids in Mexico, Atlantis…

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I believe it was hidden many centuries ago.
The UFO from 1947 is a “real” story.

Yeah I know, that was the one that coined the expression “flying saucer”.

But in the in game myth what was it supposed to be? Caponians? When did they arrive on earth? In the 1990s when they set up the phone company or long before that?

They should had the time to build the 60-cycle hum machine. It could be even in recent moments, like in the 90s.

Another thing, when the Caponians know about the pieces of the Skolarian device. Why don´t they go out and seize the parts themselves so no one can get them? Some of those are pretty much out in the open and easy to get like those parts in Peru.