My personal wish for the "Ransome uncensored" update

Have all of Ransome´s beeps replaced with the word “ZLORFIK!”.

If you can´t get Ian Corlett anymore have @David do it (actually that might be even funnier.) You only have to record the word once and then keep repeating it. Stretch or shorten the soundfile so it always fits. Then have a tick box that is called “caponian version” and of course that tick box only appears if you have switched the annoying in jokes to “on”. That would be a super duper easter egg! And possibly annoying and hilarious at the same time.

And that was my stupid wish of the week. The first and hopefully last in an on going series of stupid wishes of the week.

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I like this idea :smiley:

Or replaced with “covfefe”

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What am I not getting? :slight_smile:

Ihihih, replacing a beep with a funny word.
“You ZLORFIKhole!”

If there were a Ransome sentence like: “beep I missed him!”, it would be ROTFL :ransome:

Maybe ask @David ? :wink:

Anyway, it´s from Zak McKracken. When the caponian appeared and didn´t catch Zak he would curse in his alien language and go:“ZLORFIK! I missed him”.

Never mind, there is plenty of people I know who wish I had an annoying in jokes box they could untick!

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Do you really believe that Ron didn’t know that?!?
Repent for your sin!

I don´t know what that means, I listen to Slayer albums backwards, you know.

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!mih dessim I !KIFROLZ
¡ɯıɥ pǝssıɯ ı ¡ʞıɟɹoןz

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That on the other hand sounds like

mih ssim mih ssim nam daed a si luaP

Or in the undying words of Weird Al Yankovic

I didn’t know, thanks!

To seriously answer that. Possibly because a) the game is almost 30 years old and b) as I understand his involvement in it was only marginal. But I also explained it for everyone else because sadly Zak is the least remembered of the classic Lucasfilm games. I however fondly remember the times when @David taught me alien cusswords at an early age! :slight_smile:

I really didn’t know.

My worked on Zak was primarily on the SCUMM engine, so I don’t know many of the details of the game.


Does anyone know how the word ZLORFIK was created? Was/is it an acronym? @David? :slight_smile:

I know it probably sounds superweird but…would you mind trying it out one of these days? It´s really good! :slight_smile:


One thing I would note, maybe it’s something to think about or maybe not at all–

There were a couple points in the game where other characters besides Ransom actually said the word “bleeping.” I think they did this when quoting Ransom. To me, it kind of worked. It was sort of like the characters being aware that he was being bleeped and therefore they said “bleeping.” However, with the patch where he isn’t censored, that would just make Rey come across as self-censoring herself, which seems totally out of character.

Would it maybe make sense to un-censor Ransome, but in the process add a bleep when a non-Ransome character says the word “bleeping.”

Or maybe this is stupid and only makes sense to me.

I don’t want it to go to David’s head.


I don´t remember too many occasions where that happened. I know the lawyer says verbatim “and go beep yourself” but I know what you mean. Still sounds like a bit too much work to go around that.

Did you play it? Did you finish it? :blush:
Don’t be shy, I’m sure @David isn’t listening…

Hey listen, the last thing I want to do is endanger your guys friendship, but I just thought with the game being real good and all the chances of you not liking it were rather low so…

But hey I get it, I also don´t remember him ever talking about Monkey Island…:upside_down: