Other websites and communities about adventure games

I thought that it would have been useful to share a few websites and other communities focused on adventure games, especially because these sites publish reviews and news that might be interesting to the users of the Official Thimbleweed Park Forums™.

Some of you will probably know these sites, but people who have returned to adventure gaming thanks to TWP might not know them very well.

Adventure Gamers is the website I read the most. I visit it since… eons ago but I never felt compelled to become a user of their community, mainly because there were a few people who continuously acted in a very confrontational way. It’s a very well established website and in my opinion their best contents are their game reviews, which are very well written and contribute also to the Metacritic scores.

Beside their reviews, I follow both their forum (which in my opinion has hosted along the years the most interesting discussions on this game genre) and their news sections to keep myself updated about both new under-development games and recently published games. They also monitor crowdfunding campaigns about adventure games.

The website usually covers both point-and-click adventure games and more modern variants, but the reviews of the less classic adventure games usually don’t have a score attributed to them.

Adventure Gamers is considered by many an authority in the field and they assign every year the Aggies Awards, which are probably the most known awards in this industry. I’m sure that Thimbleweed Park will be nominated for more than one Aggie, the next year!

GameBoomers is the other website that I read every now and then. Its very old design makes the website a bit confusing to navigate but they do a very good (and quick) job at publishing news and updates about adventure games and that’s the main reason why I visit the website.

GameBoomers has also a forum. I have never spent time reading their discussions because they are a bit messy (discussions about topics and threads about game news are mixed) and I find more interesting the forum posts of Adventure Gamers.

There are a few other websites strictly focused on adventure games, like Just Adventure, but I don’t visit them often.

Do you have any website worth mentioning?


The International House of Mojo


They are not exactly the same kind of websites you mention, but forum members may find these interesting:

  • The Digital Antiquarian (http://www.filfre.net); Jimmy Maher is writing a comprehensive history of computer gaming, strongly biased to narrative-focused games. It has some nice articles on Maniac Mansion, Loom, Monkey Island and the early days of Lucasfilm Games. Warning: the writing style and topics can make this page addictive.

  • The Adventure Gamer (https://advgamer.blogspot.com); they are playing and reviewing old adventure games chronologically.


For the German community there’s of course Adventure Treff and Adventure Corner.