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Do you want a Thimbleweed Park 2?


… and Stan is his confederate, seeking commercial revenge.


Do you want a Thimbleweed Park 2?

Hmm… it depends.

If getting TWP2 would imply also not getting a different game from Ron Gilbert / Terrible Toybox, then I would probably answer “no”, because I’m more curious about what a next project might be.

But I would probably answer “yes” to the hypothetical question “Would you like a TWP sequel, magically appearing at the snapping of fingers?”, because I think that there might be several ways to continue the story.

I would be particularly interested in a sequel focused on the characters realizing that they failed their attempt and that they never had free will in the first place. This realization would require the characters being aware that the simulation was rebooted again, but this would be easy to accomplish from a narrative point of view, because Chuck already had a way to measure the reboots and the characters might find a lead to the “uncoupled vacuum tube” that Chuck built. Also Ray might play an instrumental role in this new story, being the only character who escaped from the simulation.


You mean similar to the movie Groundhog Day?


*starts having (k)nightmares about looped realities again*



Yes. The sequel could start exactly as TWP starts but an event would motivate the characters to hypothesize that they were just replaying the same script over and over and from that point on everything would change.

I have always wondered if Chuck developed self-awareness by himself or if an event outside the simulated world triggered that awareness, my first post in this forum was about this very topic. In a sequel, there would be several ways to help the characters to realize that they failed a previous attempt to switch off the simulation. I see some inevitable correlation with “The Matrix” plot.


Perhaps Ray could be instrumental in this motivation right from the beginning, in her very absence from the game - if she has indeed escaped from the simulation, as you suggested.

In the first cutscene by the river, Reyes feels compelled to recite his dialogue even though there is no one to interact with. His notebook contains notes on a character that he hasn’t even met. And he is missing some items that are vital for continuing the story. In order to continue, Reyes has to go down a new pathway that he would never otherwise have considered - after being prompted a few times by the player. This is the start of the characters questioning the reason behind their actions - not free will, but a predetermined story.

Something like that :slight_smile:


Neat idea! And re-using background art would certainly make the development of a 2nd part much cheaper (probably much harder to sell also). But If TPW ever gets modding tools this would be an awesome project for fans :smiley:


There is also a similarity to Deponia Doomsday, where the time gets turned back a lot of times. There is even an AI, which becomes evil because its memory doesn’t get reset during these manipulations. The game is a matter of taste, but I mostly liked the jokes.


I’m currently playing TWP 3, I think. As the game reboots, it’s essentially a sequel to itself.


This is wonderful.


It’s interesting to see how the results of the poll have changed over the time. :slight_smile: First, it was a clear “No” with only a few “Yes” and now we are only at 52% for “No” and 48% for “Yes”.

It would be interesting to know if somebody has changed his/her mind during our discussions… :slight_smile:


Must have been Lee J. Cobb…

*crickets *

Oh come one people, I know that´s an old reference but it´s from a real classic!


I voted no…

Overall I want to see Ron have a company that continually puts out loads of great PnC adventure games…

But to do that, they each have to be successful enough to give him the time and money to make the next one…

It seems the main issue with TWP was that it wasn’t successful enough to give him the leeway to do that and it seems the issues around that need to be fixed before we get the steady stream of games.

I would love to play a TWP2, but I can’t really see a way in which it would help the overall goal.

Maybe if it was somehow the Terminator 2 to TWP’s Terminator 1, but it sounds like any potential sequel idea would naturally be more niche than the original.


Yay! Can´t wait to see Delores turn into a weightlifting, chainsmokin´, psychatrist-bone-breaking badass!


This is a very good point.


That’s true. From an economic point of view, it makes no sense to create a TWP 2. Successors use to be less successful than their predecessors. You typically create a successor, if the original game has turned out to be a huge hit.
Seeing that Ron seems to have been a bit disappointed by the revenue of TWP, doing a TWP 2 might be silly - even if the successor was crowd-funded as well.


Hey! The poster says that ThimbleCon is only the town’s second largest Nerd and Geek Convention. Maybe there is still more to be told than I had guessed. :thinking:


Nope. I think the game is great as a self-contained story.
What I’d like is to see another game with the same engine.
Monkey Island 3, maybe? (I know, Disney and everything, but let me dream).