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Do you want a Thimbleweed Park 2?


I didn’t even check the context before liking this. Love that song!


Me too.

Oh, at the end of the video, Youtube suggests me “Oh baby you’re so adequate”. Do you know that song?




That’s not always true. Everybody agrees the best star wars is the fourth episode…:smirk:


Jokes aside most people like empire better than new hope so you got a point there.


A couple of days ago, at work, some colleagues were explaining to me the details of a plugin they were working on. One said “just to let you know, the big boss says this is the second worst plugin we’ve ever developed”.

They began arguing what the worst was, but deep down I knew that was a Monkey Island reference. One day I’ll get to know the big boss and I’ll ask him.



Please move the “please note” ABOVE the poll =S


Sorry, you are too late: I can’t edit the first post anymore. Maybe @Calypso can help?

/edit: But you can change your vote at any time. :slight_smile:



People, come back!

I don’t know how I’d feel about a sequel…


A Prequel? On Ransome’s career? Culminating with Ransome doing a bit on Carson???



Give me your heart and your soul…


and 10,000 specks of dust :smiling_imp:


This story is not done—it has just started!

When thinking about the philosophy behind TWP, this leads to interesting philosophically problems and questions. These problems and questions are the basis how to continue the story.


My favourite adventure game of all time is Grim Fandango, and part of it’s enduring charm is that it’s one of a kind and unique. Thimbleweed Park falls in this category. I think one benefit of the game’s ending (which unfairly gets a hard time imo) is that it prevents a sequel ever really happening.

Yet I’d love them to continue in a similar vein to what they did with TWP and create a new game within the Maniac Mansion universe