Documentary with Ron Gilbert about Monkey Island, game design and Lucasfilm

From Bedrooms to Billions: The Amiga years! (2014) a very nice documentary about the Commodore Amiga which also includes two scenes with Ron Gilbert.

  • Disk 1: Creating The Secret of Monkey Island with Ron Gilbert
  • Disk 2: Ron Gilbert - Insights into game design and working at Lucasfilm

“Ron Gilbert - The Secret of Monkey Island” Clip [HD]

Also see commentary of kaiman, Monkey Island page of my new gorgeous Amiga book


By the ways, is anyone interested in an original welded documentary “From Bedrooms to Billions (2 Disk Special Edition Blu-ray with 6 hours video)”? I sell it because I do not need two original packages :slight_smile:

I sell it for 15 €. The current official price is 22.59 € (19.99 £).