DOTT-ified Thimbleweed Park Fan Art by Dan Sills

And that’s the other annoying thing. You don’t know what I like, why I like or dislike something, nor if I like that particular drawing or not (I do, of the record).

All you can surmise from my comments is that, as a caricature of the characters of the game depicted in the style of DOTT, to me one of them did not seem as successful as the others.

But nice try in trying to read my mind. :roll_eyes:

Anyway, we obviously do not see the picture in the same way, and that’s OK. :wink:


Good one!!! Hahahah! :laughing:

Hehe, that’s cool. I think the opaque glasses are fine and makes it resemble the DOTT style. I think it’s just the grin and pronounced overbite that makes her much more goofy than necessary. It also makes her seem less bright, at least in my opinion, but it’s all good. :+1:

I like your work of Delores. And the other two characters. :slight_smile:

Well, I apologize, I just got the erroneous impression that you were considering a characteristic of a piece of art a “shortcoming” just because it didn’t match with the image that you had in mind.

Well, I just got that impression again, let me apologize a second time. :smiley:

Guys guys, can´t you just get along? I mean only because you have nuclear warheads doesn´t mean you have to to use them…hold on, I think I got myself into trying to solve the wrong conflict here…

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I learned to get along with almost everyone since I read this popular XKCD strip:


This strip single–handedly motivated me to completely change my relational approach with people on the Internet. It’s a powerful strip and it taught me a lot.



You are making a generalization about my attitude towards art rather than taking my comments on a single particular piece at face value.


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Who are these people? What are they trying to tell me? :neutral_face:

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Stop thinking and choose one already!!!

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So who’s it going to be, Low? Is it number one, the lovely Trisha from Liverpool? Number two, feisty Lorna who likes a bit of strip Buckaroo? Or game show hostess, Giselda?


Can I have the richest one? :neutral_face:

I´m gonna have a guess that this would be Giselda, then…

Tell us all about your trip, when you come back!

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I have no intention to move. I’ll just wait for the money to be transferred to my bank account.

Just a short helicopter flight over Lake Geneva and maybe a weekend stay at some ski resort, that´s all!

No money, no party. :neutral_face:

Mo money mo problems. :microphone: :billed_cap:

No woman, no cry.

No ticket, no laundry.