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Double Fine joins Xbox Game Studios

:scream_cat: Yes, you heard/read right.

Here are two videos explaining it a little bit more:

Although it doesn’t sound too bad, mentioning Xbox + PC sounded like Xbox + Microsoft Store to me.
I’m not happy about that. There goes my hope for a DRM-free version of The Cave plus any future Double Fine game.

Microsoft probably has never heard of GOG before, I don’t know a single game from them on there (I was actually convinced Ori and the Blind Forest was published by them but checking this one at least the GOG version is by THQ Nordic, strange).


Mostly it just seems that Microsoft doesn’t care about their old games at all, but it’s definitely a bit sour that the precious few they’ve made available on Steam aren’t on GOG. And of course they do have a rather obsessive interest in that stupid Windows Store.

As to Double Fine — wait and see, I suppose. But RIP Linux support. And possibly PS4 and Switch as well? (Didn’t watch the vids yet; I’ll get around to that later.)

Regarding the games currently in development Tim promised nothing changes.

  • So this actually means Psychonauts 2 could be the first (and only) game published by Microsoft on GOG.
  • RAD will still be published by BANDAI NAMCO.

But for all future games DRM-free or multiplatform will be uncertain and unlikely… :frowning:

Dust: An Elysian Tail was also orginally published by Microsoft (but not, apparently, on GOG).

I don’t really care about the other Double Fine games, but I was (am) waiting for a DRM free version of The Cave to play it.

Also it looks awesome! That’s why I have bought it some time ago, I should really play it :slight_smile:

The game is being published by the developer, original release was 2013 and half a year later it was on GOG. Maybe just a 6 month exclusive for Microsoft?

Ori was put 15 months after its original release on GOG by Nordic Games, maybe Microsoft publishing is often shortly timed only?

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Ohhh :cry:

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But I do! They’re delightful. I think Psychonauts is one of the very best 3D platformers, possibly the best. Br̈́utal Legend isn’t as good but it’s pretty cool. Costume Quest is great. Costume Quest 2 is currently unplayable because Steam forgot about my wife’s account’s family sharing and my wife gets annoyed at my blank keycaps, but up to where I got it was neat too. Headlander seems interesting but I only played a bit of it. Broken Age is one of the most beautiful games of all time and a decent adventure.

I haven’t played the remasters but what I’ve seen was excellent. And in any case DotT was one of my faves back in the early 2000s.

I haven’t looked into The Cave because it’s not on GOG.

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