Encountering TWP players in the wild?

I think I may have mentioned once or twice before, I work in editorial on movies. Recently I was working on a very fun project but I had to leave the film early because a huge opportunity came up that I could not possibly turn down. I needed to find a reliable replacement and I turned to a casual friend from University that I had barely seen in a few years, but whom I knew was dedicated. He’s much younger than me–probably 24ish.

I was going over the workflow of the job with him and somehow or another while looking at footage, video games came up. I mentioned how I don’t really play games anymore and haven’t in years, but that I kickstarted a game and got my voice in there. When I said, “but thousands of people got their voice in it, there’s this phonebook and you can hear the voicemails…”

He immediately knew I was talking Thimbleweed Park! Not only had he played the game but he had gone through the entire phone book and recalled seeing my name (Anthony Morone) but at the time chalked it up to coincidence. Then we started talking and he said how much he loves the LucasFilm games, having gotten into them when the Monkey Island Special Edition was released, and then he started dropping names like Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick.

Anyone else experience meeting people who knew about Thimbleweed Park in social situations where you’d feel less likely for that to happen?


Well, since adventure game( r )s are a very small niche, I never expect to casually know someone who plays them or who has played Thimbleweed Park. But it has happened to me in situations in which I met so many people that it was statistically unlikely that nobody knew the game.

So, to answer your question: no, it has not happened to me in the way you describe it. But I have casually met a few Thimbleweed Park players at non-entertainment-related events, for example.

Oh oh, I strongly suggest you to partecipate to a cosplay event, really. You might meet more adventure gamers than you might think!
Did you see the picture with Stan, Guybrush, Reyes and Teddy, took yesterday? That’s an example :slight_smile:

P.S.: on next July, there is this event near you, you can prepare your soul and body:

:franklin:Zak, isn’t July 2017 past, like, you know, 2 months ago?

:slight_smile: yes, it’s a yearly event, like Lucca Comics and Games. Next one will be in July 2018.

I’m sure that they are funny events but even a simple small meeting with other adventure gamers wouldn’t be my cup of tea. I’m a fan of adventure games enough to discuss the games online but not enough to meet the gamers in real life. :slight_smile:

Come on… [italianization ON] …I permit myself to insist!
A little event would be enough. It’s fascinating, funny, and meet a lot of nice people!

I feel like a Cosplay event wouldn’t really qualify as what I mean by “in the wild”, haha

I never have, but I now own a Thimblecon shirt so others from our tribe can recognize me. What sort of movies do you work on?

I’m an assistant editor mostly on narrative features. The job I discussed leaving in the OP was a documentary, though.

Some of the movies are major releases, some of them are more of the film festival variety.