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Big Thimbleweed Park Anniversary Celebrations!

Jenn posted another blog post:

To sum up:

Happy Birthday Thimbleweed Park and congratulations to the whole team! You did a marvelous job!


I really like the t-shirt! Looks like it’s only part of the bundle though.

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In this Q&A special some answers surprised me:

  • The French translator lives in Spain?
  • I didn’t knew that Heinrich Lenhardt did (some) parts of the German translations.
  • @boosegoose is working on a “dating sim about female serial killers” - what is that?
  • And @robert.megone is working “on a new game over at Revolution Software.” :open_mouth:
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Yes, sadly. The new vinyl is also only available at Limited Run Games.

The shirt and vinyl are available separately.

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Aye, unfortunately there isn’t anything juicy I can tell you about it right now but it’s a fun project and i’m pleased to be back working with those guys again.


Ah, thanks! I’ve seen the link to the vinyl but not the one to the T-Shirt. I’ll update my first post.

I do understand that. But can I get excited already? :crazy_face:

Just been reading about this. Very excited about the podcast on Monday :grinning: especially now that my usual Monday treat has ended.

I must say that´s the most unusual “where are they now?” I´ve ever seen. I mean really no one is MIA in Nam?

Brilliant! Thank you! :smile:

What’s the ‘mouse puzzle’?

I would think the part in the circus where you have to put the cheese in front of the mousehole to get them to release the popcorn?

Why not, I am! :smiley:



Ohhhh. I really couldn’t work that out!

Neither did I. I thought Boris did the German translation!

I also learned that @jenn finished reading the wonderful Shadowmarch books, which happen to be written by my all-time favourite author (and a friend of the Winnick’s by the way). What a coincidence! I am currently re-reading his MST series. Oh, and there’s still a few days left to get merchandise over here on indiegogo

If I understood it right, Heinrich translated (only) the texts in the online help.

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I believe that´s in the credits, so it wasn´t new to me at least(I sat through them not only for the achievement).

Nonetheless, Boris is actually missing in the list. Admittedly, he is not from the games industry and just did it during his spare time without any salary.

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