Epub version of the blog

I started reading bits and pieces of the early posts of the blog, and at some point decided that converting it to epub would be useful to read it offline… If somebody finds it useful, I’ve left a copy in https://jumpshare.com/v/BRmP7UfV20REeAmYBtXz

It’s around 20 megs, since I’ve recompressed the images and done my best with the code sections to keep them readable.


What a great Idea! …thank you very much :beers:

Great idea!!! Thanks!!

This is pretty cool. Would it be possible to put something in the very beginning that says where it can from? It would be fun to make this widely available.

Sure. I’ll try to find some time later today and generate a new epub :slight_smile:

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I can try and add the new posts in the blog as well.


For a wider reach, I would suggest to use any (good) epub>mobi converter to get an eBook that can be read on Kindle as well.

Does Calibre cut it?

It should. I used it a few years ago and it converted an epub to mobi with no big issues.

But I would always check the final results on a Kindle, because sometimes some contents (e.g. big images or tables) weren’t converted perfectly, at least with the version of Calibre that I used.

I’ve uploaded a new version with a page before the Table of Contents that contains a link to the blog. Calibre is ugly, but such a wonderful tool. Please let me know any problems you find with it… I don’t think it’s worth the trouble of putting it in source control, etc…

http://jmp.sh/k2mJA1E (epub)
http://jmp.sh/xGvN094 (mobi)


I checked boths version on my Kobo Aura HD.

The epub version is OK. The only issue is that some programming code lines are very long and they are cut.

The mobi version unfortunately shows some issues. After a specific point the text becomes bold and after a second specific point the size of the font becomes giant. My hypothesis is that my Kobo reader doesn’t handle very well the mobi format, so my suggestion is to test the mobi version on a Kindle.

The mobi looks good in my Kindle App on my PC. I don’t see the problems @LowLevel mentioned. However, in both the epub and mobi, the links within the blog posts, which were clearly meant to point to certain web pages, all seem to be broken, as every one of them tries to point to sounds.rss file on feeds.soundcloud.com.