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What about drawing/changing the top graphics of this forum?


When I visit the desktop version of the forum, this is the top section of the page:

The image of the vista is very nice but it’s too short to cover all the length of the screen and that “repeating” effect is not very pleasant.

What about creating a new image specifically designed for the forum header? This community has a few great graphic artists in it who might be interested to provide a candidate picture and the community could use an anonymous poll to vote for the favorite image.

Even if you love the current picture, the community-provided image could be used for just a few months and the entire initiative would be just a way to have fun and to contribute to the forum in a non-textual way.

What do you think about it (that “you” includes the forum owners)?


Great Idea!
20 characters


Image should be at last 1280 pixels wide?


Looks perfect on my iPad, in both orientations. :confused:


If you go to the options, and set the layout as standard, in addiction to have a nice white background, you will have no image at the top, and more space to view contents!!

(I have to say that I dislike how websites are now realized: a big banner on top that stands fixed while scrolling :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:, which together with the bars up and down from the browser and the OS, the 16:9 ratio… in the end they left you a two lines box to view the content…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:)


That’s the first thing I fix on most web pages I frequent… (although I didn’t change it here, just reduced the height).
On high DPI displays such banners are ridiculous.


How do you do that?
Do you make a script for greasemonkey - like you did back then for the blog - for each page you visit?


Yes, I use Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey scripts to fix all this ∗beep∗. I have about 30 scripts installed to fix stuff on sites like Google, YouTube, GOG, Kickstarter etc.

Static headers is the first thing I fix, followed by moving stuff out of menus like this:
Google context menu


Please, share the fruits of your well shaped mind with us!!! (I would pay for it!)


Well, it depends on what you want. You can add all kind of customisation to any website.

E.g. just recently YouTube changed its theater mode (which I use to have a larger video in non-fullscreen mode):
They’ve removed margins on the sides of the page making everything going to the edge of the browser window. But it doesn’t improve anything for typical 16:9 videos, in contrary it’s very irritating for me personally because I use the (right) side for scrolling with my thumb (tablet) and then I often accidentally hit video recommendations and navigate away…

Aaanyway: I previously didn’t mention that if you just want to override CSS this can be easier accomplished with user styles.
I use an extension called Stylus for managing such styles (FireFox/Chrome).

I’ve put the styles I use for this particular forum on
Thimbleweed Park™ Forums fixes
Note: Click on Advanced Style Settings to let the fun begin!


And what about the top banners of sites like Youtube or any kind of commercial sites?
Is there a way to generally unblock the huge top banner and let it go away during scrolling, or you have to write a code for each page (like you did in your 30+ scripts for greasemokey)? (Since I cannot code, I press F12 on Firefox, I select with the cursor the banner and erase it, but when you navigate to a new content in the page or refresh it, the banner returns)


I don’t see any “top graphics” because I set the alternate black-on-white theme. I feel discriminated!


We could write a script changing all fixed positioned elements but it would break a lot (like this edit window I’m currently typing in). Also sometimes you have to change margins/paddings etc. to make it look OK again.

I’ll look into it putting some scripts up on It’s nice that they can be configured quite easily!

Just install my script and select your desired background! You can even use custom ones!
Thimbleweed Park™ Forums fixes - Advanced Style Settings


It works. Impressive.

from now on I will refer to you as “thou who hast no life”.


That feeling when even that title gets taken from you… :crying_cat_face:




Why not use the graveyard instead? It should be wide enough for every screen.


It’s a little creepy, but I agree.


I’ve now put some additional style scripts on there:

As always: Use Advanced Style Settings to change the site’s default.


One cool thing about Discourse is that we support “per user themes”.

If someone put a theme together per: then, who knows, perhaps @RonGilbert could enable it here so you can pick from a few options.