[Poll] Would you participate in a Monkey Island 1 community playthrough?

Would you participate in a community playthrough of “The Secret of Monkey Island”?

(see below for details)

  • Yes
  • No

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Explanation of this poll:

Waiting for Return to Monkey Island, I thought it would have been fun to refresh my memory of MI1, playing it again.

Then I though “Why not asking on the forum if they would like to do a community playthrough?”

Basically, everyone who will participate will be free to play the game at their own pace, on their preferred platform, but every now and then they could check the playthrough thread to:

  • share nice things/images that they enjoyed
  • ask for hints when stuck
  • give hints to people who are stuck
  • generally enjoy playing the game with other fellows

I imagine that blurring spoilers will be necessary, for those who don’t remember every detail very well.

Let me know if you would enjoy it. :slight_smile:

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Why not? I know that game by heart, but I guess pretty much everyone here would make a playthrough, in order to refresh memories. So, it’ll be nice sharing the experience here.
This might be a good chance to dig up the EGA version I played back then

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I like your idea. Though, I recently started to play MI 1 with my partner, who never had played a MI game before. Elsewise, I would have been interested in participating.

By the way, we have been playing the Ultimate Talkie Edition - both for the first time. Special thanks to @LogicDeLuxe at this point, who really has done a great job!
With the classic pixel art graphics, the game still has much more charm. Combining this with the music, SFX and voice acting from the SE, makes it just a perfect experience!


I’ve never played that version, because I was an Amiga user back then. It would be nice to see how they managed to create that atmosphere within EGA constrains. :slight_smile:

That’s interesting. So, The Secret of Monkey Island SE doesn’t have that “switch graphics mode” that MI2 SE has, I suppose?

Well, it allows you to switch graphics but not to retain the voice acting, enhanced music and SFX when in the original VGA mode. Thank goodness for the fan made Ultimate Talkie Edition, I say.

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No, thank @LogicDeLuxe

You definitely should. I’ve always ended playing the VGA version from time to time in these years, because you know, it’s VGA vs EGA. But the game was conceived in EGA and it is unbelievably good in 16 colors

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Oh, I see. Than it will be Ultimate Talkie, for me!

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Oh, ok, if you haven’t tried the talkie edition too, hands up.

I hope you’ll understand my choice. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Is the talkie for Windows only? Haven’t used Windows in this millenia.

I would do a group of people playing and chatting about MI1 LIVE :slight_smile:

The Ultimate Talkie Edition runs through ScummVM, so if your system can run a recent version of that then you’re good to go.

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For all, I know, you will need a Windows system in order to build your own Ultimate Talkie Edition via the toolkit, though.

The last time I played it was the ultimate talkie version and I run a Mac

The UTE of MI 2 seems to be equal to the classic mode of the SE, since there is no SE music, while the latter one provides voices (in contrast to the MI 1 SE’s classic mode), or am I mistaken?

Yes! I’m in. Besides wanting to replay them before Return to Monkey Island comes out, I’ve been wanting to use my ‘new’ CRT to replay some old classics.


I’ve just installed the Ultimate Talkie edition!

Let’s see in the following two or three days how many people will decide to participate, then I’ll create a new thread, mentioning those who accepted. :slight_smile:


I’ll participate, should this community playthrough go ahead.

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I’m in. EGA.


Just to be clear: it won’t be a live event, but a forum thread in which we can post our progresses while playing, that is: pictures, puzzles, items, and so on, at the time we want?