Famous people in the phonebook

There’s Michael “Smudo” Schmidt in the phonebook. He’s a member of the biggest german hip hop band “Die Fantastischen Vier” (translated The Fantastic Four)

Are there even more publicly known persons?


Dave Grossman (with audio recording) and Tim Schafer. And some devs, but they’re in the project, so I don’t know if you can count them in your request.

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I would´ve loved it so much if there was a George Lucas phone number and when you call it, it plays a soundclip of him saying “Jar Jar is the key to all of this”.

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You are kidding me, right? Need to check that immediatelly.

Smudo seems to be a big adventure game fan. He had a cameo as Cowboy Dodo in Goodbye Deponia as well.

Just heard it, hilarious :joy:

Here is a list from another board: https://forums.doublefine.com/topic/17142-thimbleweed-park-phone-number-share/

[quote]So far I’ve noticed LucasArts alum (and sometimes TP staff):

Gary Winnick: 4513
Mark Ferrari: 8442
David Fox: 8638
Noah Falstein: 1718
Dave Grossman: 1574

And TP Staff:

Jenn Sandercock (programmer): 3575
Lauren Davidson (writer): 2546
Robert Megone (tester): 4762
Malcom Stead (Xbox port): 8836

There’s a few other names (like Ron Gilbert, Tim Schafer, Octavi Navarro - TP’s art) but their numbers are out of order and have no answerphone message (greyed out in the phone book).[/quote]

Well, you got most of them, I think. I could add Ex-Telltaler Harrison G. Pink of course (2588).

Also happy to find Serena Nelson (8068) in there.[/quote]

One of these will actually lead you to a hidden item in one of the hotel rooms!


If I remember correctly, there’s also a famous Annie impersonated by the lady who inspired that character…

There is also Annie Fox (aka Annie Larris, the girl in Zak McKracken, the real wife of David Fox): 1307.

“If this is the Zak McKracken who keeps leaving messages for Annie Larris, you sound like a sweet guy, but I’m not the Annie you’re looking for. Don’t give up. I’m sure you’ll find her. It’s destiny. For everyone else, please leave a message.”


Famous names, not sure if real or not

1890 Neil Cicierega
2752 Nina Matsumoto (spacecoyotl)

Not famous but I found amusing:


some of the most amusing ones are in spanish so I lucked out I guess haha

It`s a good feeling to have something in common with Smudo :joy:

My favorite is David Fox. See ya!

So… did YOU stop calling?

No way, i continue calling. It’s my destiny :slight_smile:

There’s a Swiss guy who proposed to his girlfriend via voicemail! :slight_smile:
I don’t know the number anymore but it’s near a number used for the game (maybe the lawyer or the bank) and it’s in Swiss-german anyway. Wonder what happened…

7002 was pretty funny!

This is a message from me in the future to myself in the past. Warning! Do not marry beeep. When a nice Asian girl called beeep in the club beeep is asking whether you would like to dance, just say peeeep, give a peeeep on peeeeep and just go away. This will save thousands of discussions and millions of termination pay. In case it’s not me, just leave a message after the beeep


I found the same guy when looking up names of Kickstarter backers who got in-game items.
It was Philippe & Michèle Rymann: 2312

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This was a very funny voice message @ZakPhoenixMcKracken originally found:
Jihan Joo: 2112


Exactly, that was them! :smile::+1:

It’s still the funniest so far!

I don’t remember it, but I know it was one of the first I called since 2112 is my favorite Rush album :metal:

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