Can’t find the name in phone book!

It’s 2055 Galbraith on the wall in the sewer, however, I can’t find any Galbraith in the phone book…

I can’t remember or can’t check right now…
but why do you want to look it up this name in a phone book?

To escape the sewer of course! Is there another way to do that?

If you know someone’s number, is the phonebook what you really need?


Uhm, the name is randomly choosed from the phonebook entries, it should exist.

Can you post here a picture of the name as you see it on the wall?

Are you playing on hard or easy mode?

I like your thinking!
I tried to gently nudge in that direction too…


“I have an emergency, do you know the number for 911?”

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(Discourse says: “Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?” . Duh!)

His name is Ross Galbraith :wink:



That’s some pretty big ugly pixel skewing indeed!
Now I remember having the exactly same issue… I also called 2055 initially.


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Probably because it’s started to pixelate.


I thought, let’s post a picture. But the names are random indeed:

On the bright side, I think I’ve just called @PiecesOfKate in the game…

:grinning: :call_me_hand:


I did that too a couple of times, but she´s never at home. :cry:

Well, Supergrammergirl is always on her mission to fight for the correct sentence. The evil spelling errors never sleep!

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I would so have The Beatles walk over that, but that´s a bit to difficult right now(cutting them out of the backround and pasting them onto that street).

*jolts awake*

I just heard the sound of a typo being made! To the Katemobile! :woman_cartwheeling:


So I was just looking for a way to have the classic batman transition effect and replace the bat with your avatar, but I couldn´t find anything. :frowning:

So just imagine what that would look like…haha…funny…etc…

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