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The Users page is quite nice.

You can see how @seguso is some kind of CareBear, providing :heart:s to everyone. Or, being this the TWP forum, it makes him a CarePillowBear.

I don’t know why it tells me I never created any topics, I’m quite sure I did, but anyway.


“I love too much”


Click on the upper-left corner, to choose the range of time.


Now I feel dumb :stuck_out_tongue: thanks.

So, if I choose “all time”… YOU’RE the forum’s CarePillowBear!



I’ve found this nice rendition of the Monkey Island theme played with ukuleles by three suspiciously similar guys:


But they have different ukeleles. So they can’t be the same person-a-reno.


This performance (even though the picture displayed is wrong):


Come on, let’s be serious. There’s just some resemblance around the eyes…


YouTube just recommended the following video to me and it has become my new favorite rendition of the Woodtick theme from Monkey Island 2. Really well played! :slight_smile:


He does also a nice Scumm Bar rendition:


A nice variation on accordion:


LeChuck’s Theme by Cuarteto LeChuck (LeChuck quartet):


Monkey Island meets metal


WHOA, not only the intro, but even the SCUMM Bar and LeChuck’s theme!
…and with the finale… :wink:


There’s this Spanish guitar version of several Monkey Island themes too (although somewhat loosely adapted :franklin:):


It counts as Monkey Island, right?


Cover version of the Monkey Island theme tune done by The Police…is a thing that should exist.


…we pretend to, yes!


Yes, the ‘final’ theme was used for Monkey Island 1 on Disk 22 which was only included in an limited amount of 100 packages. :wink: