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Fan-made music of Lucasfilm Games


The two songs from Equilibrium recommended by @rarog4k in another post:

People from Germany must really have a deep love for Monkey Island. German reggae bands, German viking metal bands, all seem to have a tribute song to Monkey Island!


After so much debating I have come to my personal conclusion that the tremendous Monkey Island love that German people show towards the game must be the normal and obvious reaction and that there is something wrong with the rest of the world.


On the grounds of that maybe we should consider trying to invade all of you again, huh?


As a non-German I restrained myself from making such a joke. Thank you for having saved me.
But there’s a dark fact that can open a new can of worms in matter of plot theories…

“Wow, Italy is the second biggest Monkey Island fan I’ve seen amongst non US-countries”…

And we have a unhappy history of dictatorship, too. Maybe is there a link?


Yes, maybe we secretly all wish to be ruled by a mighty LeChuck.


I think it’s clear that Monkey Island is the David Hasselhoff of computer games


True, because currently the series is laying drunkenly on the floor eating cheeseburgers…


This is a great version of Jojo’s Theme:

(just the first 1:40 min).


Yeah, but following there is a great performance of the main theme!!


Very nice… but it irritates me that in the background they put images of MI1 during Jojo and pictures of MI2 during the main theme which was in MI3 version



Late to the party, so most things have been mentioned already (like w3sp excellent jojo cover)… except this guy. He does some nice other video game covers too, typically hitting his banjo drum head to mimic those synth drum sounds. Just listen to Sonic or Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins without watching the video first…but I’m getting off-topic, so as far as Lucasfilm goes:

One of the most virtuously played covers must be this one (edit: already posted by @Nor_Treblig before, but he really does a nice job at live one-man-bandiness-a-reno)

And this one wins in the category most effective/laid back and wins a special mention for including LeChucks theme:


That slowing down in Jojo’s theme gets me every time!
I don’t know whose idea this was (Michael Land’s, Clint Bajakian’s or Peter McConnell’s), but either way: it’s pure genius!
Since the metronome keeps ticking in tempo, I remember thinking initially that my PC was having trouble to run the iMuse code. :slight_smile:


Even more popular than MI covers, seems to be this one of Loom. People start dancing spontaneously when hearing it…



Oh, yes, Banjo Guy Ollie. I remember reading somewhere that his cover of the Monkey Island main theme is Ron Gilbert’s favorite cover of it.


There was a cassette tape inside the box, with an audio drama.
It was fantastic!

The part that I still remember well, it was when lady Cygna was transformed into a Swan… great dramatization!

When I moved to my new apartment years ago, I lost the game box😣

Edit: pushed by nostalgia, I did a research on YouTube, and found someone who made a video of that drama, using LOOM’s images, and subbed!


… and this marimba version deserves some accolades too


Monkey Island Theme on Eight Floppy Drives:


This one surprised me. I didn’t imagine there would be such a kind of remix:

Back to the versions I enjoy more, this Le Chuck’s jazz is nice: