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Fan-made music of Lucasfilm Games


I’d like to visit a virtual reality universe where I can eat at a restaurant where they’re playing dinner jazz LeChuck, then on to a club where they’re playing Banana Inc Monkey Island theme*. Then perhaps a moonlit stroll with flute Monkey Island theme.

*I hate clubbing, so I’d only stay for that song.


Hmmm maybe VR could have some valuable uses after all…



I think many of us have the same thoughts about VR…

Ron ironically says about it: “Motion Sickness”! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, there’s also a Pirates of the Caribbean style version of the Monkey Island main theme!

It’s like taking the style of a rip-off to re-do parts of the original!

I still prefer other versions, like the one performed live by Michael Land, Peter McConnell & Clint Bajakian (though I guess it doesn’t count as fan-made):


Yes. The PotC style doesn’t fit somehow. It sounds like they have “tortured” the original theme to fit into the PotC theme.


Another nice piano version of the MI theme:


The scumm bar theme version is also very good:


Grim Fandango Rap by Dan Bull

Edit: I really like it, the song is quite catchy, it’s like one of those aural snakes.
It also reminds of Lin-Manuel.