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Favourite TWP Location


Apologies if this has been done before, but I’m curious what everyone’s favourite room/location is in Thimbleweed Park and why?

Could be the one you think is the most colourful or beautful artistically, or something a bit more personal to you.

And a bonus for favourite soundtrack song would be nice :slight_smile:


Favorite in what sense? I think the radio station is the prettiest.

I don’t have a quarter to call you on the phone… :musical_note:

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It’s open to interpretation - I’ve edited the post :slight_smile:

Yeah the radio station is nice and colourful, plus it has that awesome song No Quarter playing!


Tough one. It’s either the cemetery (the landscape is awesome, slightly reminiscent of Tuscany, and it oozes atmosphere) or inside Mme Morena’s store (because what can be more cosy than a well-stocked book shelf!).

Not so sure about the soundtrack; it’s been a while and I have no ear for music anyway.

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The bookstore is probably my favorite location in general.


for some reason I like the hotel corridors. They felt very mysterious.


I can’t decide between the diner and the (whole) quick-e-pal. I like the “atmosphere”/ambience.


If you mean the quickie-pal facade and car park area, I totally agree with you there. That part is stunning!


oh man, exactly like me! I wish those locations were a bit bigger, more to explore and do in there…

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Quick-e-pal for the music.

The Mansion Mansion hall for the aesthetics.

Where you find the body for the feelings. I spent like 90% of my playing time on that room.


Totally forgot about the bridge area! With the dusk sky in the background, just wonderful! Mark Ferrari is a genius

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My favorite is probably Delores’s Room… It has a Commodore 64! Plus there is plenty to explore on the bookshelves, and I quite liked the melancholy Mansion Mansion music.


Yeah I reckon Delores’ room is in my top 2, it’s beautifully lit and has a lot going on as you say.

A nice and understated touch in a lot of the rooms is a window with some stars twinkling. Totally adds to the ambience

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Let’s suppose that for you, as an experienced adventure game player, it took only 15 hours to complete all the other puzzles of all the other rooms in the game. That means you spent about 135 hours on the crime scene. That was a really well hidden beeping chainsaw


The library hands down.


It is rule #23 in game development: “it worked for Prince of Persia”.


The factory.

The outside are masterfully drawn by Mark J. Ferrari. I love the feeling of nature taking slowly possess of a quasi-skeleton of industrial archeology, in the form of those blue flowers. When I saw that image for the first time on the blog, I knew I had to back this game. There’s enough room for puzzles too there, but in that particular room no one was placed.
I also liked that it’s there that all the pathos about this unsustainable, strange and sad world eventually comes to an end.

I also liked the forest (van included), which reminded me of The Secret of Monkey Island. And the warm toned rooms like the Thimbleweed Nickel.


The game is full of memorable locations. Having said that diner and the mansion as a whole.


I still remember walking through the town for the first time and walking past the diner, the neon sign buzzing away, and just knew this game was going to be great fun


That’s a great question!

Mine's probably Chuck's workshop:

I like the circus!