Fishing for compliments

As some of you already know, I’ve always wanted to create adventure games. However, it takes time, a lot of time, and since I became a father time isn’t something I have plenty of. In fact, I usually interact with you on this forum while I’m at work.

So, now that the kids are growing older, I thought “hey, maybe they’ll become a bit independent, play together and leave me some time to get back to gamedev again”, and I started taking a look at my old projects to get motivated.

However, it was not that motivating. I stumbled upon the first room for a game I have had in mind for years, and while I’m quite proud of how it looks, I couldn’t possibly continue with that style because it takes too much time to produce. I’ll now begin from scratch with a way simpler art style, because in the end, who cares if it doesn’t look good, I want to have people play my game, tell me what they think of puzzles, plot, jokes etcetera. I’ll make better art in the future. Or pay an artist, who knows.

But I wanted to share it nevertheless. Hence the topic title. I hope you’ll like it.



Strange perspective. Are you trying a simil-3D adventure game?

No, I was just trying to reproduce a picture I had as a reference :stuck_out_tongue: plus the fact that I’m not an artist.

I like this twisted angle where the proportions don´t seem to make any sense, no seriously!

For some reason, the screenshot sends to me a special “Adventure Game Studio” vibe. Did you use this application to develop the game?

Nope, even if I am now. At the time I was developing for Android on my own Java library, but now I decided to switch to AGS because, again, I don’t have time and adventure games are anyway better on PC than mobile.

The screenshot is just Photosh… I mean, GIMP.