Full and updated Thimbleweed Park options and shortcuts

Since information about TWP options and shortcuts is a bit scattered here and there on the web (and in the game), I thought that it would have been useful to bring it all in a single place: this post.

I’m sure that other forumists have more/better information than me, so I have made this post a :star: wikipost :star: , meaning that any subscribed forum user of level “Basic” or higher can edit it to keep it correct and updated!

If you want to make edits that would greatly reorganize the post, I suggest to discuss them in the thread before doing them.

Here we go!

Options in the “Video” section

An X sign in the square means “Yes, I want this”.

Toilet paper over : The toilet paper in some toilets will be shown “over”. It’s a joke option that has no effects on the gameplay.

Annoying in-jokes : The game will include in-jokes and references to past adventure games, in the form of both dialogues and objects. There is a game achievement that can be obtained only if the in-jokes option is switched on.

Main mouse actions

Left mouse click over the background: Move the character there
Left mouse click over an interactive object: Execute the action shown near the cross cursor
Right mouse click : Execute the highlighted verb on the object under the cursor
Mouse wheel : Scroll the inventory items
Middle mouse button : Skip dialogue

Default shortcuts

Numbers from 1 to 5 : Switch characters

Q - W - E : Open - Pick up - Push
A - S - D : Close - Look at - Pull
Z - X - C : Give - Talk to - Use

Tab : Show hot spots
. (full stop character) : Skip dialogue
ESC key : Skip cutscene
Space : Pause

Ctrl S : Save
Ctrl L : Load
Ctrl O / F5 : Options menu
(on Mac, instead of “Ctrl” it’s “Cmd”)

Options in the Prefs file

The following options can be set only editing the file Prefs.json in any text editor.

You can find the Prefs.json file in the following directory:

  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Terrible Toybox/Thimbleweed Park
  • Windows: AppData\Roaming\Terrible Toybox\Thimbleweed Park
  • Linux: ~/.local/share/Terrible Toybox/Thimbleweed Park

Generally, the value “1” means “ON/YES” and value “0” means “OFF/NO”

Can the window be resized when in windowed mode?

windowResizeable: 0

Amount of wiggle when mousing over the verbs (0 = none):

verbWiggle: 1

Amount of wiggle when mousing over the dialog lines:


Turns on pixel perfect mode (currently not working, see Ron’s note about it):

pixelPerfect: 0

Number of times to “pop” the inventory when adding an object:

inventoryPopCount: 5

Holding down the TAB key will show you hot spots:

hotspotCheater: 0

When the verb or dialog is on screen, how transparent is the background (values between 0 and 1):

uiBackingAlpha: 0.33

Alternate location for save files (like dropbox). You have to use /, even on Windows. If you save them in dangerous places, it’s all your fault. Applications that are sandboxed may not allow the saves to this location:

savePath: "/path/path/"

Show the system cursor:

systemCursor: 0

Clicking the right button will skip dialog, but only when you’re in a cut-scene or the cursor is off:

rightClickSkipsDialog: 0

Speed of text (from 0 to 1):

sayLineSpeed: 0.7

Hide/show the user interface pressing CTRL-U:

hideUIEnabled: 1

When using a controller, lock the cursor to the screen when it scrolls:

controllerScollLockCursor: 1

Key mapping. You can only use lowercase, as it won’t see the shift key. You can also use numbers without quotes for scan codes. Some international keyboards map keys oddly:

keySelect1: "1"
keySelect2: "2"
keySelect3: "3"
keySelect4: "4"
keySelect5: "5"
keyOpen: "q"
keyClose: "a"
keyGiveTo: "z"
keyPickup: "w"
keyLookAt: "s"
keyTalkTo: "x"
keyPush: "e"
keyPull: "d"
keyUse: "c"

Things to add:

  • new options in the Prefs.json file that I don’t know what they do:
  • controller: 0
  • hudSentence: 1
  • invertVerbHighlight: 1
  • safeScale: 1

Things that I’m not sure should be added:

  • options in the Prefs.json file that correspond to the “Options” menu settings

When using a controller, the cursor locks to the screen when it scrolls. Otherwise the object you’re pointing at scrolls away. Not a issue wen using a mouse, but super annoying when using a controller.

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Thanks. Could you explain what pixelperfect is? Also what to you mean by ‘pop’ on the inventory?

By default, some objects in the scene, including characters, can be drawn/scaled/rotated using pixels smaller than the ones used for the background art.

You can easily see this in the following screenshot, where the characters are drawn using smaller pixels, to better define them:

The pixelperfect mode is a mode in which the graphics are drawn as if all the pixels in the scene had the same size.

I’m not sure if it works very well now, there were bugs.

I might be wrong on this, but I think that it’s the kind of visual effect that happens when the currently selected character gets a new object in the inventory. It’s a way to highlight the fact that something has changed in the inventory.

It was disabled. When all the ports are done and I have some free time, I’ll go back and fix it.

It’s a tricky fix because we changed (at the last minute) how the rendering pipeline works and broke it. I’ll need to go back and made some possibly deep changes.

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Do you have any statistics about how many people actually use this option? If they are very few, I wonder if the tricky fix is worth the effort/risk.

It has never worked (we broke it right before shipping), so I have no stats. This mode is a novelty, much like EGA shaders. EGA shaders don’t look like EGA because true EGA was hand crafted by an artist. This is also true of this mode. We didn’t design the art to do done in this mode, so it’s being forced.

The old story…

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If I had the chance I would play pixel perfect. It only makes sense playing like this, since you are playing an old adventure game style.