Stuck in sewage

I have been stuck looking in the phone book for almost 30min now and i cant seem to find the name. please help me

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Thomas Havekost

Check for the name under T and when it´s not on the first page, turn the page over (while still under T) until you find it.

Guys, we need an FAQ for this!


We have it already (see section “Thimbleweed Park”):

But you are right, we should add another FAQ “Sewer” in the Hint section.


Yeah, that´s what I meant. We need an FAQ point in the section we have. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Calypso: How can we do this? A separate post or can/should we link into the big FAQ?

@RonGilbert never listed this as one of the puzzles where most people had difficulties. But based on the number of hint requests about it (specially in the last few weeks), I’m starting to believe it can become a tough puzzle for certain audiences.

We can create a separate FAQ post in the Hint section, but I’m afraid that people are going to be starting new topics about this anyway (newcomers generally don’t tend to read the FAQ, unfortunately)… Also, the issue isn’t always that they don’t know the phone book has more pages for each letter - sometimes, they seem to genuinely not know how to read the names. I guess creating a pinned FAQ post that people can be forwarded to wouldn’t hurt though.
It’s odd that so many players are struggling with this now on such a scale, as I remember only a few such requests after the game got released.


I’ve created a Wiki post:



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That’s because the hint line now covers all those hard ones plus most other puzzles.

It’s interesting to know that this is basically the only puzzle remaining where people have issues. Strange thing is not (just) reading the name but looking it up is the problem.

Hate to sound all grumpy, but to me this is a testimony to the patience and attention spans of people who only got the game now (that it has been available for free). :neutral_face:


They must have lots of patience, waiting so long for the game to become available for free :slight_smile:.

But seriously, the only thing slightly unusual about the phone book is the sorting by first name. But that should be simple enough to spot. It’s baffling indeed.

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One thing that occured to me lately.

Technically any name of the phone book could be on the wall, right?

I wonder if anyone has stumbled over one of this forum´s alumni (of which are several in the phone book) written on the wall, then.


Technically that’s wrong because all special entries are excluded.

Which would those be?

And is it still likely some of us have been solutions to a puzzle already as it was promised on the kickstarter?

I don’t want to list them due to spoilers but the hintline is an obvious one.

Of course. The chance is 1 out of 3454.

Oh, like the story relevant numbers like, the Pigeon Sisters or the Radio Station? Yeah, that makes sense of course.

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Side-effect: on your first play-through, you don’t know that of course. So I kept suspecting whomever I had to call, expecting them to turm up again sooner or later.


How many of us had the name on the phone book?

And: do only names without an answering machine message appear on the wall?

Looking it up is very counter-intuitive due to the order, and apparently the turn page action is easy to miss. It’s the reading problem that baffles me.

But perhaps it’s not a reading problem so much, but to a large extent the assumption of having misread when the weird order plays tricks on people.