Thimbleweed Park demo

I finished the game twice in hard mode, I will replay the easy mode soon. (I love TWP)
I really want to extend the magic by playing the demo, or WIP demo. I read part of the blog about the development of the game, and I thought it’s amazing to compare demos and final version. Does it exists somewhere? I haven’t found anything :slight_smile:

There was never a demo available to the public. But in the first release you could start the game in demo mode by putting

demo: 1

in the configuration file

I’m not sure if it still works. Using the original version (v1296.849) it directly started into demo mode (which of course isn’t a WIP demo anyway).

When you saw older pictures of the game, item icons seems to be different. I was looking for kind of demo version with this little changes.
But thank you, it’s not what I research but it’s very interesting to do :wink:

I’d pay for the early builds… :slight_smile: I’m sure there are builds that show specific points in the progress of the game:

  • First one with all the rooms.
  • First one with all the puzzles.
  • First one where you can play through the end.
  • First one with a room with all the final art.
  • First one with the final costumes.

The problem is those would need to be sold at a very high price to be worth the time of packaging them for download, since I’m sure there’s no more than a hundred crazy people (probably most of them in this forum :D) who would pay for it.

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