Game Off - open source game jam

2017 winners are out:

I didn’t explore it much but this one looks like an interesting short point and click adventure:

Please post here if you find a hidden gem.


“Can you throw my ball back please” is a masterpiece of fu*#ed disturbing storytelling. Play it. Better when you’re on drugs.

Thanks! I think there’s a bug on the mac version, almost sure the screen is cropped and I can’t see the whole puzzle. Any chance you remember this part?..

Yes, I confirm that the image is cropped. There are two other red buttons, one on the far left and one on the far right.

I have played the game on Windows and I didn’t have any issue with it.

Can you change the resolution of the game window? I had some games in the past that showed the whole content only in higher resolutions. In lower resolutions they just cropped the scene.

ah. thanks.

@Someone yes I tried different resolutions and windowed/full screen modes didn’t help either. I’ll just finish it on the PC no biggies.

I’m quite enjoying it by the way. Love the way the character talks back when interacts with objects…