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Can't play game in TV Mode on the Switch

When opening the game in TV Mode on the Switch (when it’s docked) I can’t get past the start screen. It doesn’t recognize any controller input.

I’ve tried using different controllers, checking for system updates, restarting the game, and restarting the console.

It does work in handheld mode though! Any ideas on how to fix this?


Hi there @MacheteBunny

Thanks for reporting that you are having trouble with the game in TV mode. I’m really sorry that you having issues and hope that I’m able to help.

This is an odd issue and we haven’t encountered anything like it before so could you try the following for me and let me know what happens.

First thing first, try re-connecting the JoyCon in the home menu while in TV mode but before opening the game.

If that doesn’t work can you make sure the JoyCons are fully charged.

How many controllers do you have connected to the device? Is it possible that more than one set of JoyCons or a Pro controller is synced to the system?

What system version are you using? You can find this out by performing the following steps:

  1. Select the System Settings icon on the HOME Menu, and tap “Open.”
  2. The system’s menu version will be displayed on the bottom right of the upper screen.
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