Gog galaxy 2 beta

Curious if anyone has tried the closed beta. If so, what do you think? Do you intend to use it?

The most important feature GOG Galaxy adds for me is allowing to rollback to older versions of games (e.g. if an update breaks something or a feature is removed).

I haven’t really seen any new features of 2.0 that interest me.
It would be nice though if they would finally fix the start-up issue in RDP sessions.

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Cloudsaves, rollbacks (mainly as a theoretical option) & auto-updates can be useful, but those already exist.

So yes, I’ll use it here and there eventually, but actually Galaxy’s biggest feature is that it’s optional.



Funny, I was just skimming through the thread on GOG.


One thing Steam does right, though, is update in the background. I rarely use Galaxy, so every time I do, it wants to update before I can use it. It should always just launch right away.

I think I must have a very, very different version of Steam… In fact my experience is the polar opposite.

Same here.

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Admittedly GOG Galaxy will sometimes try to update something at an inconvenient time, but that’s kind of a given with auto-updates. It’s just that afaik you can always cancel and launch things straight away, while Steam will insist you finish downloading that 8 GB update first before you can launch the title. It’s a DRM thing.

I don’t use Steam very often (only if I am forced to use it). But doesn’t have it this “play now” feature where you can play the game while the rest/update of the game is downloading in the background…? :thinking:

But from my experiences the Steam client itself is downloading an update of itself after each start and you have to wait until a game was updated.

I think I saw something like that once, where you could start a game after downloading only 10 GB or so (because the other 30 or whatever weren’t required for the first part).

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