Updating an older, original copy of the game

The version that I am playing does not have some of the options mentioned on this forum. How many updates have been issued. As a supporter, my copy was one of the first and it seems to be falling behind. Is there a version indicator so we can spot differences?

In the options menu, there is a number in the lower right corner. It looks like a version/build number.

The developers will be able to tell you how many updates have been issued but in the meantime I can tell you that you can see a version number in the lower right corner of the Options window.
In my copy of the game, that I got from Steam, the number that I see is 1343.881

Using Steam, my PC automatically downloads and installs an update whenever the developers release a new patch on Steam. On GOG it’s possible to manually download and install updates or to use their “GOG Galaxy” software, that provides an auto-update feature similar to the one on Steam.

My version came from Steam, but many of the options discussed here do not show up for me.

Which version number do you read in the lower right corner of the options window?

What specific options are you talking about? There are some options available for advanced users by editing the configuration files as specified in the Options blog post.

I just received a Kickstarter update explaining there’s a new Steam-patched version where the characters can talk to each other.

What if I didn’t get the Steam version in the first place? Is there a patch for me? Maybe I don’t care because now I’m playing the more challenging “vintage” Thimbleweed Park. Well, actually I’m stuck in the more challenging “vintage” Thimbleweed Park, but too proud to accept hints.

Hints are not automatic.
You can either avoid calling the phone number, or disable definitely by setting a variable in prefs.json file

Sooo, what HAVE you got? If it’s the GOG version then you can download the update using GOG Galaxy (you can also rollback to older versions).
The normal installer will be ready later because it’s a manual process by GOG.

GOG will get the patch as well (very soon, from one of Ron’s recent posts)