Good Video Games / 2017

Actually yes. I still thought that owning a DVD was still the truest way of actually owning a game.

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Do they still sell computers with DVD drives?

Owning a game can be a hassle. The storage space, the system requirements, often it only lasts for a couple of years/decades. You can enjoy holding a cartridge in your hands and looking at it (I do and some are EMP safe) but once the hardware is gone … at least there is emulation. DRM free (file) access offers a certain degree of freedom.

2017 was a nice year for video games. It’s interesting to think of the releases 10/20/30 years ago. The years with a 6 at the end used to be good. @2015 and adventures: If you’re in first person adventures (Death Gate, Shannara), Facility 47 might be worth to mention. It wasn’t great but okayish, if you’re into the setting.

Admirable will power! What if the next Terrible Toybox game is DRM? :scream:

Like @Nor_Treblig I buy only DRM free games - so I’m able to answer your question too:

They will lose me as a customer.

@RonGilbert may be some crazy old guy who doesn’t know how to hang toilet paper but I’m sure this won’t happen!

Well… I do make exceptions sometimes:

For every 100 DRM-free games I purchase I buy far less than 1 DRM-contaminated games though.

I also stopped buying games directly at Steam. Their shop is a complete farce:

  • A shop selling digital goods and not being able to tell if it’s DRM-free or not is a joke (beside the Steam client which you need to download you can have DRM-free games there).
  • A shop redirecting me from HTTPS to HTTP is a joke, it’s 2017! (edit: also it’s 2018!)
    (No one needs to know I’m looking for new Japanese tentacle pr0n games every two days.)

Also I’m getting more and more stricter over time.

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Do you play these Steam-only games and do you pay for them?

Only sometimes. I’ve updated my post with two other examples of Steam games.
(note: that most HE games are played with ScummVM anyway, sadly there is only a small selection available on GOG)

I thought you could buy them directly from Humongous (if I recall correctly, that was the case 1 or 2 years ago), DRM free.

Another option (although it provides false stats) is to buy a Steam version (if it’s only available there and in order to support the dev) but play a cracked one (in order to stay DRM free).

It’s a shame that The Cave isn’t available DRM free, same as Costume Quest 2. I would rebuy them.

I would also gladly rebuy The Cave if there was a PS4 version.

I would glady buy The Cave II, Thimbleweed Park II or something new which is good.


I’ve been meaning to buy the new King’s Quest. Is the story good?

The problem was the lack of good alternatives. Since GOG started selling newer titles it has become easier to avoid Steam.

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The only thing I can find on their homepage are Humble widgets which could theorethically give you also DRM-free versions but they decided to use Steam keys only.

I made exceptions but generally I won’t support developers who are OK with using DRM.

There is at least hope since the deal with SEGA comes to an end:

Ron wasn’t so sure about if the extra work of making new up-to-date builds for different distribution platforms will be worth it but at least Double Fine is known for putting their self-published games on DRM-free platforms like GOG and recently

There may have been a similar deal regarding Costume Quest 2.

That’s an interesting thread, thanks for sharing.

Sounds reasonable when it makes commercial sense to DF and they have the resources (to care about Buddha and stuff). Some of their games aren’t in the best shape when it comes to bugs and glitches (on up-to-date systems). Psychonauts was freezing (P2 release?), The Cave still had controller issues …

I wonder if there ever was a point when SEGA was interested in a sequel and if the deal limited distribution to Steam.

I literally just finished Resident Evil 7 and enjoyed it immensly. What an amazing looking game. The puzzles were fun and clever the atmosphere dense and the action for the most part not too bad. Way to go for an 21 year old series to be this groundbreaking again! :+1:

How long did it take?

Game Stats say about 11 hours.

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So I got myself all of the DLC for the amazing Resident Evil Biohazard now and it features story add ons as well as several new game modes and mini games one of these being:

An escape the room mini game!

This is so much fun I tell you! :smiley:

It’s 2019! I want to update two points from this very old post, sorry (not sorry :stuck_out_tongue:) for reviving this old thread:

Overcooked: Gourmet Edition is finally available DRM-free via GOG, yay!

Lo and behold they switched their store to fully use HTTPS somewhen in 2018. Amazing.