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The 2021 what are we playing thread

I’m currently playing The Walking Dead: The Final Season. It’s pretty good so far.


Finally managed to play Loco Motive:

A really well-crafted adventure game with a thrilling and humorous story. And it’s impressive how they could develop such a game in that time…

(P.S.: I fear that this will be my only game this year… :frowning: )


Wow, great little game.

It’s quite impressive, actually. There are so many details in the character animation and environment, if it weren’t so short you wouldn’t think it was made for a game jam.

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They reused a lot of the graphics in a very clever way. For example the doors, the lights, the windows, etc.

But I fully agree with you! :slight_smile:


Yeah, the train setting certainly reduced the amount of graphics required in total, but even then there’s the animation of the wheels and shock absorbers, the (super smooth) parallax scrolling of fore- and background, and plenty of hot spots that are all extra work that would not have been required for the sake of gameplay.

And of course, all the special animations of the main character that at times go far beyond what you’d see in a commercial product.

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I’ve started playing Tell Me Why. So far it’s feeling quite a bit like some scrapped concepts for Life is Strange 2. It’s feeling very similar. Don’t change a winning team, I suppose.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Just brilliant.

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