Good Video Games / 2018

Diablo III
Dicey Dungeons
A Wish Upon A Star
Kingdom Rush - Vengeance
Ritchie’s Plank Experience
Unforeseen Incidents
Beat Saber

[And thanks to Kate for pointing out Unforeseen Incidents. I did not expect to play such a good (not being perfect but at the same time so good and addicting), funny point & click adventure with some nice music [bar, boondocks, devil’s cut] and a wonderful diner scene and moving clouds this year anymore.]

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For me:

  • Stories Untold
  • Thimbleweed Park
  • Mark of the Ninja
  • Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders

Also good:

  • Maniac Mansion
  • Gorogoa
  • Layers of Fear
  • Chuchel
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I dig Zak but Chuchel, wasn’t this a little bit shallow and too childlike?

It will be interesting to see how Creaks will turn out. From the trailer it instantly reminded me of The Cave.

Yes, that’s why it’s on the second list. Much the same can be said of Layers of Fear.

Glad you liked it :slight_smile:

Very much and I’m glad that I’m still playing (just found out about Corleen Ortega).

I’m puzzled by how I missed it. It seems that it got a couple of good reviews but without any real big press. Considering the quality of the game in its genre, it seems to be quite underrated. Should easily win best adventure, best sound, best graphics, best humour … of all these wacky adventure prices.

This feels like a true gift. You did not wait for it for years to happen. It just came by, tipped on your shoulder from behind, smiled at you and before you could react, you already got a kiss.

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Wuhh, finished the game.

Based on the experience of this one, search, there’ll be:

Resort from Backwoods. The stills look fab but ugh ‘interactive story driven’. Well, maybe it’s just marketing … in order to get the funds.


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There are two games in this series:

The first one was originally created for his girlfriend and is called Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! and is free.

The second game was created with the help of a Kickstarter and is called Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet.
On the homepage you find multiple ways to purchase the game. The direct download from Application Systems is DRM-free, no need to pirate the game.
(Here is the German site:

He is currently working on a re-release of the first game in HD which you can see listed on Steam. It says early 2019, it is not released or even done yet.

Btw. his name is Alasdair Beckett-King.

I know from the Steam info, that one of the games is available, whilst the other one is an upcoming game. I prefer to wait for the HD version. Regarding the already existing game: It isn’t available on, humble store or gog, which probably covers the majority of the DRM free market. iTunes: I don’t want to play adventures on an iPad/iPhone for various reasons. AppStore: Fine for those great Mac only apps but not this shiny for games because they’re often more expensive, you only get the Mac version and sometimes games disappear.

Google/Amazon/Microsoft/Steam: Not unless there exist other options. Proprietary stores: Need new accounts, sharing your financial data with some store-solutions again … I prefer if the games would be available on a more common DRM free platform.

Talking about stores: If you’re interested in Epic Games’ new store, you can get Subnautica for free.

Yes, most of the other purchase solutions aren’t optimal for … DRM-free enthusiasts.
But Application Systems has a DRM-free download. They also take PayPal if you don’t trust them with other payment options.

Also after the re-release of the previous Nelly Cootalot we will pester Alasdair again to bring both on GOG. It was denied before.

I’ve seen Subnautica before, and it may be DRM-free. But yet another Steam-like-store which doesn’t bother listing which kind of DRM games have? :frowning:

Discord also started a store, presumably with DRM. Oddly enough browsing around a little they don’t seem to have anything for Linux. By itself this might not be odd, but, well, it’s all like this…

Who is ‘we’, who is ‘it’ and what’s the reasoning for denying it? I don’t want to go into the ‘it’s too much work’-territory again.

Yeah, I know.

‘We’ are people who want to have good games on GOG so we pester the developers, publishers and GOG to push good games on there.

‘It’ refers to Nelly Cootalot 1&2.

‘Why’ is often not known, GOG likes to be silent in this regard. But it’s clear that the first one may not be technically on par with proper games.
They may have denied the second one because they don’t want incomplete series on there. So I have hopes are we get both games on GOG after the remastering of Nelly 1.

I’v recently discovered that GamersGate neatly shows the kind of DRM which game has.
Bummer though: They enforce DRM (during installation) themselves, so even DRM-free doesn’t mean DRM-free there :frowning:

Most people don’t want to be pestered …

Well, it makes sense not to have games which cause too much trouble but I wonder why some devs aren’t interested in offering their games on a platform like on their own then (I’m not suggesting that you should drop troublesome stuff but it’s relaxed). Here is a GOG question for you: Why is Chains of Satinav on GOG only available for Windows whilst the Humble Store offers the game for Windows and Mac and both stores offer Memoria for both systems?

Don’t ask me those questions, that’s what pestering publishers/developers/distributors is for! In this case you can even save some time because publisher and developer are the same company.

Me wants DRM-free games. They provide DRM-free games. Me happy.

Yes, I would be more happy with games on platforms like GOG or then others, but I mostly care about being able to purchase a game DRM-free.

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No, this is the dev/pub/dis work. You’re trying to fix things, for free, they aren’t able to do properly.

How do you expect them to do better without feedback?

Feedback is good but it should come towards more thoughtful & less lazy work.