Grease monkey TWP blog fix

I have still some reading to do of the comments on TWP blog, but thanks to @Nor_Treblig s greasmonkey script, I thought I was keeping good track of that. I mainly stopped reading around the time of release, to avoid spoilers.

So anyway, today I fired up firefox again to find out the TWP blog greasmonkey script, although enabled, isn’t showing anything about the number of unread comments and all that goodness…

Any thoughts? Any way I can at least find back where I left off?

I assume you have updated your Browser to version 57 and GreaseMonkey to version 4.
Did you have to reinstall the TWP script (AFAIK the upgrade won’t use any existing scripts)?

This new FireFox version changes the extension system and GreasyMonkey decided to make a new version with quite some breaking changes.

I could adapt to most of those changes. The configuration menu I am using may not be compatible though.
Now the real question is: Is the new GreaseMonkey version using the same storage as before? If no (which is my guess) all your “progress” won’t be accessible even with an updated script.

The data should still be there though (in your FireFox profile).
Easiest solution would be to use a pre v57 FireFox for now.

Yeah, I guessed that it’s due to FF5.7/GM4
Using Tampermonkey instead would make older scripts run again. It does indeed, but also resets all counts (i.e. stores its data somewhere else)

Anyway, following your advice, I reinstalled an older firefox and greasmonkey 3 and it works!
4426 new comments. And more importantly 21081 comments I do not have to read again!

Thanks again

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Sooner or later, the forum is just gonna be a collection of things (artefacts, buildings, civilisations) dedicated to adventure game memes :wink:

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It shouldn’t be too hard to add an import/export feature to the script…

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I’ve added import/export functionality to the script, hopefully it works.
I don’t import/export user settings though, only the information about comments.