is up again

I just went to Ron‘s old blog just to see that he just started V3 of with some interesting stuff to read. I also wanted to check if I accidentely unfollowed him on Twitter but that is also answered there.
I love that decision and would be happy when he activates the comments. Just for the old days sake :wink:


@RonGilbert : the link in the new GrumpyGamer blog post that should point to the TWP blog doesn’t work.

As I can’t comment @RonGilbert’s blog post, I just add it here:

All social networks are using psychological tricks to keep you online. You can design websites and products that makes you hooked/addicted to them. If you are evil you can use these tricks in games too. Some games use these tricks already, for example WoW.

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I’ve never really liked Twitter, but a lot of people use it to market/publicize things effectively, but it seems a ton of work to keep an audience engaged… (unless you’re one of those people who loves tweeting all the time)

I really like Facebook, but it totally depends on the quality of your friends to begin with… in my feed I only have my closest friends and its a fun place to hang out with them and comment and joke about things…

I don't understand why he stopped tweeting, I mean even THEY keep doing it:



Can someone name the board games in this blog post?

I like the new design of the blog. Could anyone tell how V1 had looked? I only know V2.

I understand why Ron left Twitter. It’s a big time killer. I left facebook for exactly the same reason. If you have real friends, you don’t need a social network anyway. It may be interesting for advertisements, as @Paul wrote above, but even this can be ineffective, seeing the inflationary flood of tweets there.
The fact that doesn’t allow commenting is understandable for the same reason. We still have these forums. :wink:

According to the rear side of some cards, they played Jaipur and a game called Intrigue - among other games. The one with the islands (the first one) interests me somehow.


As far as I remember very much as v3. Mostly white and with some flash movies about grumpy gamer. And Deathspank was a mentioned a lot at least as a character . The game itself was far from being released.

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Like this:


Thank you! It looks nice as well. Though, I would say the font size has become a bit too small for modern screen resolutions.

By the way, the so-called Ugly Tomato from the banner is obviously inspired by another popular site, which seems to be a relic from the original idea for that blog (according to a statement by Ron from an interview I have read or watched in 2015): To criticize games in a grumpy way. The small text below the tomato reinforces my assumption. Interesting!

Wise man. If you can’t comment there, then comment here, where the good people can reply :grin:


The new site is like Twitter but without possibility to reply!
He just needs David to give write access too :slight_smile:

RSS feed seems to work fine now!

@RonGilbert: Blog entry Maniac Mansion Design Doc (IA) is missing, I don’t think it belongs to the stupid stuff.

I don’t know. Let me ask: can you?


I’ve waited for this question. :wink: Unfortunately I can’t - not even one of them…

That was an old v0 site… it didn’t last long.

According to several month. :slight_smile: The next version was this one:

But it didn’t looked very different. :slight_smile:

I see. Thanks!

Of course, one of my dreams has been to make the worlds first Massively Multiplayer Paper Scissor Rocks game (MMPSRG). I actually wrote a whole design for it.

Wow! Interesting idea - even though I prefer to solve puzzles. :slight_smile:


Is that “HIVE” ?
The goal is to block the Queen, surrounding it with the other insects.

In this picture, If the insect on the upper-left corner is a grasshopper, I think the white side has won the game, because with a jump can block the Queen!


I’ve played this game, “KINGDOMINO”.
But as far as I remember, the “ground” should be tied to a 5x5 square.
Maybe in this one, there is a little variation of the rules :smile:

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We mod’ed the rules so it plays more like dominos and is much faster.