Guess what game this is

Who has played this game and can recognize it? :slight_smile:

It’s Monkey Island 2 bis!
No, maybe not.

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Eric the unready (Legend Entertainment):

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Yes! :slight_smile:

It’s the only Legend game I played, many years ago, and it was awesome. I want to play all of them now. (starting from spellcasting 101, then gateway)

I like the fact that you can play entirely with the mouse, without typing.

Read the books!

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before or after the game?

Hm… Good question. Depends on you. :slight_smile: Do you read a book before watching the movie?

If I know the story is good, I prefer to read the book before the movie.

but the important questions is: reading the book will spoil the puzzles?

AFAIR: no. The game takes place in the same universe but does not exactly tell the story in the books. So it doesn’t spoil any puzzles.

If you prefer to read the books before the movie then I recommend to do it the same way with the game.

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