The Curse of Monkey Island appreciation thread

Well, today I have stumbled in an article from website, titled “The undeserved fame of The Curse of Monkey Island”.

Here is the article automatically translated (thanks Google) from italian.

Interesting, huh?

I started reading this article with curiosity, then I stopped at about half of the article, when I’ve read these lines:


Notice: the bold is original, I didn’t apply it to the picture.

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I confess that I don’t understand the (bold) sentence: What has Rescue on Fractalus to do with Grim?

Look closely to the game that has my name…
…if @David will ever make another game, I suggest him to name it “The Curse of McKraken name”.


Yes, that is another “problem”. :wink: (btw: Is this a prestigeous Italian webiste?)

From now on, not any more.

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Actually that would be an interesting story. :wink:

Get back to work/sleep!

oN wa!y

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Seriously though, apart from McKracken being misspelled once again, I have no idea what that text is on about.

Reading that article I realized that Dave’s transformation in TWP is basically a parody of Guybrush’s one after MI2.

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That would actually be ingenious.

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That’s a stupid article.

I mean, CMI is no MI3, but if you take it as “a non-canon adventure game set in the Monkey Island universe” it’s a wonderful game.

The “death” of AGs can’t be attributed to that game. They would have “died” anyway.


Well, there are some interesting and good considerations (albeit nothing new, some of those comes from Ron Gilbert himself).
I mean the fact that audience for videogames in general grew up in those years, technology went on and they have to ship a “richer” product in terms of graphics, dubbing, and so on… the costs grew up but audience didn’t, for point and click adventure games. Audience remained the same. But they didn’t want to kill p’n’c games at LucasArts. Nor Curse actually did. They tried to expand that audience with no success.

It’s the conclusion that is surprisingly stupid (that gives the article its title).

Yes, but the whole article seems to state that Curse killed adventure games. Curse did everything it could - well, if only it weren’t a Monkey Island game - but the eventual death of the genre couldn’t be avoided.

I think it’s stupid to judge Curse with hindsight. At the time, nobody knew AGs were going to die. Curse was just the right game to make at that time. If the genre hadn’t died, we’d now have an article about how Curse saved the whole industry? I highly doubt it.

Exactly, that’s what I meant with a surprisingly stupid conclusion. :slight_smile:

On the death of the genre… I don’t think adventure games are dead at all. And even if we talk of the point and click category within adventure games… well I think that they’re not dead either.

Proportionally speaking, they became a niche in an expanding market of videogames, while before they were greatly important and occupied an important share. It’s the whole market of games that became bigger, while for p’n’c it remained the same. There’s a passage in some interview from Ron somewhere that says this (and the article we’re talking about refers to those considerations). Thus it became impossible to produce them with the standard of games of other more common genres.

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