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Happy New Year 2021

Happy new year everybody!



So, what are your goals for 2021?

I have four: get vaccinated, publish a new videogame, start jogging again, learn to play golf.

The first one should be easy, as soon as it’s my turn. The second one… well, I just need to get started. The third one depends on my knee. If the surgery was useful, then it will be no problem. If it wasn’t, it’ll be another depressing year. The fourth one depends mainly on my finances, but if my calculations are correct, I should be able to :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

So, I think this will be a better year than the last one (not like it’s hard). Pandemic apart, I underwent surgery twice, and that created also problems at work (I was on sick leave for a total of two and a half months, plus the pandemic, which meant I spent more time at home than in the office in 2020, a thing my boss didn’t like). The job I loved became a job I despised, I felt underappreciated and unwanted, and I also constantly feared getting fired. This was hard on my psyche.

Ironically, though, it was coronavirus that made everything better. The pandemic made more companies offer remote work, and among them, the company I worked for when I was in Zurich, a job I loved and where I’ve always felt appreciated.

Guess who’s changing job next month :smiley:


Actually I’ve no goals for this year. I did at long last manage to achieve my financial goal last year, so I feel this year I deserve some slack (not that I could conceivably get any more lazy than I already am, though :slight_smile:).

But I guess for my own benefit I should actually curb down on the laziness and work on my fitness. But that’s really more about self-preservation and shouldn’t have to warrant being a New Year’s resolution.

Actually, you have five… :wink:


Like every year: Eat more.

(Actually I haven’t any goals. I’m just curious and exited of the things to come. :smiley: )

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Not if that means Covid-19 positive! I´d rather be negative, thanks!

I really like the Germans for their completely absence of negative vibes.

Makes me wonder how happy they were in France and Spain on the days they got the news of being limited in their movement. Probably starting singing again from their windows or something.

(I mean things like that can kinda dampen your enthusiasm, especially if they greatly affect your personal life.)

You misunderstood me: These are of course sad things. But can’t we still look positive into the future? Why do we Germans have this “we all gonna die, you beep” mood. We Germans have the ability to see only negative things, even if there are a lot of positive things. For example the vaccinations have started. And instead of being lucky that we have already a vaccine we all complain why not person XYZ is vaccinated first, why there are only a few bottles at the start and so on.

I was locked in for nearly 3/4 of the last year and I will be at least for the next three month. I saw only a few friends from the distance because the people I live with are risk patients. And I still don’t see the things negative.

Same with my sentence above: We will see this year a lot of negative things, a lot of (unnecessary) wars and natural disasters. So should I try to focus on these things or should I try to focus on the positive things that could be possible this year. I for myself chose the latter one.

You´d find out how wrong that stereotype is if you knew how often I have to cheer my girlfriend up! :sweat_smile:

But I get what you mean especially when I see what numbers we panic about in germany as compared what they have in england or other places.

Same with the speed of the vaccinations, everybody knew that so why are they all of a sudden building up false expectations so people are disappointed? Instead of you, you know. Just wait. As soon as there is something good we find a thousand details wrong with it.

But yeah in the end I´d prefer to believe that things will be fine again by the fourth quarter(and that would really be something to look forward to). Right now though, eh…

Like, more diverse new food, or just more? Because if there’s one thing I want to eat after the holidays, it’s less :wink:.

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