New Year's Resolutions

Anyone have any?

Mine are:

  1. Finish things I’ve started (games, TV series, Important Projects)
  2. Go running more, ignoring the fact it’s preferable to stay in and make chocolate truffles listening to Pendulum
  3. See friends more often

Sorry, those are a bit boring. I don’t usually do the whole NYR thing because a) I rarely stick to them and b) I feel if something is worth changing it shouldn’t wait until new year.

  1. Eating more food.

Actually I don’t have one. If you would like to start doing things, why not doing them right now? If you can’t start doing them, it’s likely that you won’t do them in the new year anyway. For example if you haven’t the time to see you friends more often, you won’t meet them more often in the new year - except if you are disciplined, but in this case you can start meeting your friends right away. :slight_smile:

(Regarding my resolution above: Actually I am a little bit underweight. So you could give me your truffles … :wink: )

Yeah indeed, hence my b). It does help to have a marker though - i.e. a specific date to start.

We always meet up on Christmas Eve Eve (not a typo) so I’ll be seeing them regardless - it’s Jan when I need to keep it up.

  1. Send truffles to @Someone. :poop: (artist concept)
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Really? The “in the new year” start date is just another way to procrastinate your resolutions. It’s like saying: “I’ll start next week”.

Start now running each Monday morning. Each Thursday evening watch your TV series. Each Wednesday evening meet a friend. And send each Friday the truffles to me. (The trick is to make these things a habit, like toothbrushing. :slight_smile: )

I knew I forgot something today.

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And don’t forget to floss!

I get what you’re saying, and if I had these thoughts in November I would’ve started then. But given I only made these decisions today, there’s not much difference. Setting a target of 1 Jan isn’t much different from setting a target of

Since I’m unlikely to go for a run on Christmas Day :wink:

Then swap the days: Watch your TV series on Monday mornings! :wink:


  1. Get a new pair of glasses
  2. Move to a new place

Otherwise I can only look back at the past year the way I always do…

edit: Oh, @discourse you retroactive partypooper!

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That’s what a lot of my friends do. I actually don’t know somebody who makes resolutions for the new year. Even the ones who smoke won’t stop smoking. :slight_smile:

But if I hear about such resolutions, in most cases they are similar to the ones mentioned by @PiecesOfKate. :slight_smile:

I must admit that I never did any resolutions because I know I wouldn’t try to make them happen. Because new year is just a shitty excuse. Either I want it and will do it, or I won’t. The only effective reason to do things you don’t want, is having a gun pointed to the head. Or in case of men the testicles. This might scare even more.


I think mine are somewhere in between. I want to do them, I’m a bit reluctant, but once I get into them I’ll enjoy it. I just need a bit of self-encouragement and a deadline :wink:

I don’t think there’s any point if it’s simply not enjoyable or you won’t get any satisfaction or achievement from doing it.


If you want to start jogging, I could record some motivational calls in Russian or in English with hard Russian accent.
“Katya, well don, go on, Moscow is waiting.”
“Katya, davai, davai, else you won’t get any borscht.”
“Well don, Katya, next time you don’t need doping injection from Siberian Tiger anymore.”

Then you can listen randomly to them during training - your virtual personal Soviet trainer.

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“Please can we stop for a cuppa?”

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  1. Play more games I bought over the years
  2. Buy less games
  3. Read more books (or just read on a more regular basis)
  4. Start running again
  5. Transcribe a podcast per week. Per two weeks… tops!
  6. Replay TWP and unlock the arcades
  7. Stop working so I have enough time to meet resolutions 1-6

Good luck :+1:

The thing with sharing them on here is I can check up on you Mid-Jan, mwahaha. No dilly-dallying.

  1. Create a plan for The Greatest Most Ultimate Bestselling Adventure Game of All Time Ever™ by stealing, err, “borrowing” all the best bits from all the greatest and most successful adventure games so far and combining them into one mega game.

  2. Pitch it to Ron, Gary, and David.

  3. ??

  4. $$$


Pretty sure those points ought to be preceded by something involving the stealing of underpants…


You can’t blame anyone for bringing that up now!