The official jogging thread

As demanded in this thread I created here the official jogging thread.

So: Who is doing jogging? (Maybe as part of the new years resolution?) I confess: I don’t jog, I’m the cycling guy.

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Does doing “not jogging” count?

Of course! The thread is all about jogging in all his forms. And don’t forget: not jogging could also be a lot of fun! :slight_smile:

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Nope, not at all. But then again you never know with me what I´m gonna do when I´m suddenly in the mood…

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Awesome! I’m in, then.

Hi, guys. I’m “not jogging,” but I just recently went back to the gym this week to lift weights, after almost three months hiatus of End-Of-Year/Christmas celebrations. It’s been only a few days, and my muscles are killing me with pain!


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Oh no, now I have to stick to my jogging :wink:

I’ve been once since New Year, so need to go again. I have been for quite a few long walks, though. I’m also on some meds so bit worried about stressing my body out. Maybe a light jog at the weekend! Hup, tally ho!


I’m not used to jog, but I should start.

Give me 478 pieces of eight reasons to start jogging.

Good, nice thread.

So… I haven’t started yet jogging this year, due to the fact that I relocated and we’re 100% busy with moving. I hope I can go for a 5k this weekend, I need to get to know my new place and the surroundings.

My goal is to take part to a half marathon on May 27.

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Good plan :+1: I may try out a Park Run soon – I’m assuming they have these elsewhere too, but they’re basically community runs in local parks and such. There’s no big pressure and you can run at your own pace in the group, and they’ll track your stats if you want. Only problem is I think I may have to drive to get to my nearest one, which seems a bit counterproductive!

No no no, this is NOT the official-jogging-excuses thread! :slight_smile:

You don't want to look like this.

Repeat 477 times.

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An even more scary example would have been that golfing photo where he tries to use his club to climb up a hill.

This one?

It doesn’t look bad actually and the hill looks really steep.

The previous one on the other hand cries for going more often to the gym…

(unless you are into weird sex or weird art stuff...)

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  • You get wet when it’s raining.
  • You sweat heavily in the summer.
  • Other people are looking at you in your tight clothes.

Oh - wait …

Actually I never liked jogging. Can’t say why. Maybe it’s just not my kind of sport. :slight_smile: But it would indeed interesting to know from those who are jogging regularly (@PiecesOfKate or @Guga ?) , why they like this sport. (That’s a serious question.)

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“Look at all these people, trying to stave off the inevitable decay of their bodies.” - Woody Allen

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I hated running when I first tried it. I used to belt it and be burned out within 15 minutes or so. I’d feel exhausted and stressed at the end and like I hadn’t really achieved anything.

Then when I started running with other people I realised I was just doing it a bit wrong. You really need to do it slowly - quite a bit slower than you might think - to maintain a good, comfortable run. It should be about momentum and stamina, not racing to the end.

Once I cottoned on to that I started to enjoy it much more. I’m still a bit tired at the end (that is kind of the point!) but not like the red-faced angry, dying person I was before.

Anyway, there are my two pennies. It helps to run with someone else to pace each other.

There is that chance, too. Everyone needs to find what sport/exercise works best for them.

I actually prefer swimming and am much better at it, it’s just more awkward and logistical to fit in.


The thing is: I really like to hiking with a moderate speed (= a little bit faster than others would walk). But I don’t feel comfortable if I have to go out and jog - even slowly. So I still think that this is valid for me:

Yeah, I really like to ride a bicycle. :wink:

That is about the only form of movement I´m really good at. I can walk for hours and hours and really far and feel better than before when I finally take a rest. That way I can also take in the scenery or do some exploring.

I think walking is really underrated, too. Lots of people think it doesn’t do anything but it does. Plus you don’t have to wear poncey running gear for that.

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I’ve read that it’s better to walk a long time as to run/jog a short time.

It probably is – though again that might be because lots of people run too fast. Whether you run or walk it’s just good to get your heart rate going, but still be able to hold a conversation (as in that’s how to measure it, not that everyone should be chatting away :wink: ).