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Copying and modifying other people’s code is a pretty common habit among developers, even some experienced ones. This habit is not limited to JavaScript code but to anything that can be easily “borrowed” and modified freely, being it programming language code or markup language code.

Most experienced coders know how to analyze other people’s code to understand how it needs to be modified to fit their specific needs while less experienced coders adopt a trial-and-error modifying approach, until the output is acceptable to them. In both cases, the coder saves a lot of time.


Well, in my case it’s a free game, but it has 1) ads 2) an in-app purchase that lets you add a new room with more puzzles, so… it is self promotion. But it’s not for my game, I’m curious about other fan’s games since I read in another topic that quite a few forum members had made their own small game or demo :smiley:

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For a first go-round at game design I’m writing and programming a text adventure with a close friend.

Difficulty: we’re going to run the entire thing on a Parallax Propeller with 32KB memory and build an arcade-style cabinet for it. I guess you could say I’m interested in doing it the way it was done before I was born (1986).

The VGA driver takes up about 1/3rd of the available memory, but we can probably get that down some more.

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For what it’s worth, Unity looks like the place to get started unless you’re Ron enough to build your own engine.



I started to develop an Adventure Engine 4 years ago: The Bladecoder Adventure Engine.

Last year I released the v1.0 (which is feature completed) with the release of my first commercial game: The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera created with this engine.

The engine is open source, so you can modify and adapt it to your needs although with the current state, you can create modern multiplatform adventure games inside the editor without coding.

Some Features

  • Multi platform support: Android, IOS and Desktop (Windows, OSX and Linux).
  • Multiple animation techniques: sprite/atlas animation, Spine (cutout) animation and 3d model animation.
  • Inkle Ink integration.
  • Fast setup and prototyping, no programming needed.
  • 3d character support.
  • Multiresolution to deal with different densities and screen sizes.
  • Multilanguage support.
  • And many more…




Cool, I’ll take a look at it. I’ll begin working shortly on my own engine, I’ll take inspiration :stuck_out_tongue: or, if it suits my needs, I’ll directly work on yours. But as I already said, I’m a programmer, so I really want to build my own. I’d share the one I used for my own game (heck - here’s the link: Kill Yourself ) but 1) it’s not cross-platform, android only 2) it’s awful, it was never meant to be shared 3) it’s not a real engine, rather a library, so it’s of no help for non-coders.


That’s not true, I found it very hilarious!

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It looks hilarious, wish I had access to Android so I could play it.

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I was talking about the engine, not the game :stuck_out_tongue:


The open source adventure game engine SLUDGE was imported to ScummVM and works on Windows, Mac OS and Linux (and probably others).


Hehe, that video of the game is hilarious!


I played your game, and found it funny!

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Oops, missed this one (I really do need to hang out here more often)
Thank you for mentioning/sharing my project! :smiley: :+1:

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Sorry to do some grave digging but if anyone’s too lazy to play it themselves @Someone got me into streaming some stuff. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not sure if my laptop mic is up to snuff but oh well.

Did you do any playtesting?


Actually, it looks like this was my “bad”, for resurrecting an old thread - sorry all! :innocent:

But THANK YOU very much for making this play-through video
(you are the first - for this SCUMM-8 game anyway…)

Why? Did you find a bug (couldn’t see one in the video) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I tested it myself (back when I uploaded it last year), and it seemed to work ok.
Unfortunately, the site you played it on (Lexeloffle BBS) - isn’t the best place to play SCUMM-8 games, because the “player” doesn’t do things like: hide the system mouse cursor, or allow right-clicks properly.

Either way, if you are anyone are at all interested in other “mini” SCUMM-like Point+Click adventure games, feel free to check out my website for more.
(I hope it’s ok to put that link here - please let me know if not!)

Thanks again @Frenzie - much appreciated! :blush:

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Haha no, I mean that if you’ve only ever tried it yourself it might be really interesting for you to see! :slight_smile:

Heck yeah!

Edit: figured I might as well record playing with the other one. :wink:

Edit 2: oh, my UHD (“4k”) experiment failed, presumably due to insufficient upload bandwidth.

Anyhow, I played the final (?) one too.

@tasse-tee You might like Nushi’s appearance at the end.


Awww, did poor Nushi get spooked by the scary man in the mask? :scream_cat:
I like the eerie atmosphere of the game, especially the use of the sound effects.

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Are you talking about when my petting her caused a bulk of fur, so I picked it up which upset her?

No, it just looked like you were picking her up at the end to reassure her that everything was ok :grin:

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lol no, she wasn’t watching my screen :stuck_out_tongue:

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