How do i get the flowers?

when i try to pick up the flowers, it says" Flowers always die, i’d rather leave these to rest in peace

Get involved in a romantic relationship and wait for the 14th of February.

Or, seriously: there’s one flower that stands out more, go for that one :slight_smile:

Are you playing in Casual Mode? If so, then you can’t pick up the flower (it’s needed for a puzzle that’s not present there). The flower is only used in a puzzle that you can solve in Hard Mode.


Sounds so easy when you put it like that. :neutral_face:


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Guys, I would suggest to please not go too OT in the Support or Hints threads so the person who’s asking can easily find help. This is getting a bit out of hand.


Yeah, going back to that we still need to clarify the mode that is being played on. Because that makes quite a difference in that case.

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Call it Hole in My Bucket or something.

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