Actually, there is a way to dig for the treasure! (Spoilers)

You just need to call Guybrush (and maybe Photoshop could also help). :grin:


Good one :slight_smile: But it would be nice to see that in the game.

It is possible


How I wish I had that shovel… sigh

Maybe it’s hidden behind some signs :slight_smile:

Interesting! I’m on the case now…! Thanks (but say no more!)

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Hmm… let’s test this… hehe BBL

I updated to version 1.0.881 in GOG.
Now I am playing from an old save game. However when I try to use the navigator’s head in the forest, the actor says “Smells awful” and denies using the head. Odd… I don’t remember this happening. Hmmm…

You must enable the new in-jokes option. See this thread: The "Annoying In-jokes" option

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The podcast mentioned Doug was originally going to be part of a puzzle, so I wondered if his new shiny shovel would be used to dig up that treasure.

Even if that wasn’t the plan, I’m sure I would’ve gone round and round trying to do that anyway :laughing:

That’s a joke, right?

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@MFaross is well-known for his jokes :wink:

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OMG, this thread could be a Spoiler now. lol. didnt know they would use that as a puzzle. damn, @David and @RonGilbert did get me now by that. hahaha


So doe anyone want to actually know how to grab this treasure? Because I have it. No bullshit!

The first post of this thread was written in May 2017, when it wasn’t already possible to get the treasure. It has became possible only after a (recent) update. :slight_smile:


Gahhh! Yeah, my bad. :slight_smile:

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