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How to free Willie?


I haven’t payed attention to the achievements in The Cave, so I can’t say something about hat. But …

… in my opinion achievements are there to reward the player for something special. For example if he solves a puzzle in an extreme clever way. Achievements are not there for tracking purposes: I can see my progress in the game already. I don’t need achievements for trivial things like reaching the second part of the game. (I see that I’m in the second part. There is a big sign “Part 2”. And new artwork. And completely other situations.)


Too slow. I posted it in a spoiler higher up… :joy:


Yeah, but I don’t care much about the gamer’s side, but I like to check them out for statistical purposes.

(I rarely play games on Steam and I use GOG Galaxy only when I want to download older versions of games [a lot of games don’t support achievements there anyway, like TWP].)


In my opinion, in games where players can get stuck for a long time, reaching a new chapter of the story might be considered an achievement. Personally, I don’t care about this kind of achievements but other players might.


Yes, but I though it first.



Yeah, The Walking Dead games have this kind of achievements. Finished chapter xyz… They could have left the achievements out on this level. They are just kind of alibi.
Witcher 3 has good achievements, TWP (not on GOG) has nice ones. Actually most of the adventure games I played on GOG that have achievements have interesting ones, that honour unusual decisions.


Why? The achievement is reaching the new chapter. :slight_smile: It’s even a greater achievement than a little badge or symbol.



To be completely honest I don’t really bother with them, I quite like them in platform games like Crash on PS4, But some of the trophies are a complete bore to do (generally not TP- my version from GOG doesn’t have them), and then it ends up feeling a bit ‘chore-ish’ I mean I got the dust joke fine but even I couldn’t be bothered to hunt down what is it 75 of them?