Humble Bundle: Telltale adventure games

There is a very good adventure game bundle sold on Humble Bundle right now.

Minimum price: 1 USD
Redeem on Steam only

Classic adventure games in the bundle:

… plus other games like The Walking Dead and non-adventures.

I have already purchased all of them directly from Telltale, in the past, but I have not all of them on Steam and I would like to add them to my game library, so I think that I’ll re-purchase them and give the money to the charity.

I really liked all the games listed above. Telltale’s Sam & Max was pretty good but my favorite game in the list is probably Puzzle Agent 1, because I love the drawing style of Graham Annable (Puzzle Agent 2 was not good as the first one). Hector is also fun, if you appreciate that kind of humor.


Thanks for telling :smiley: I always wanted to play Sam&Max, I bought it right away. Now, let’s see if I ever find the time to play it :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome! You even get the underappreciated gem called Poker Night at the Inventory (with Sam and Max at the poker table!)
Too bad they didn’t add Wolf Among Us to the bundle, but with the sequel planned they probably think they should bundle it later in some kind of a Fables bundle.

Yeah, that’s the real problem, isn’t it?.. :neutral_face:

My pile of games to play is sadly increasing. When I was young I had the time but not the money. Now I have the money but not the time.

I see that they will add other stuff to this bundle. You should monitor that page, maybe that game will be added later.

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Beware of a long standing bug in the first episode, though: If you find Sybil missing at some time, she’s not. She’s invisible and her hotspot is near the cabinet.