Adventure Game Merch Thread

Post your adventure game merch here! :smiley:

Here is Max, trying out his psychic toys from The Devil’s Playhouse.

Here he is making brownies:


Where can I get this plushy? Where where can I get these brownies? WHERE?!? Quick! I neeeeeeed them!!! Ahem.

Can’t take a photo from “Das Vieh” (from The Book of Unwritten Tales) at the moment, so I have to take a photo from the Internet (Sorry for that - but mine looks exactly the same):

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You can get your very own Max here! :hugs:

I’m not sure where the brownies came from - I took that picture a long time ago. Max likes to think he made them himself.


Oh boy, oh boy! Thanks for the link! :hugs:

He he. Ok, then I have to bake them. :disappointed_relieved: (I love to bake but I actually never made brownies…)

but back on-topic: Is all kind merch allowed or only plushies? Even shirts?

All kinds of merch are allowed! Including shirts! :blush:

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I’m buying it for… ahem… my daughter.


That’s were I got mine from too! He was out of stock for some time but when he got available again I immediately ordered one. For my daughter. Which I have to borrow.


You have a Max too? :heart_eyes: Take a picture!!

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Mine’s having a dispute with Purple-Shirted Eye Stabber:

And here is the crowd, furiously cheering on this fight to death:

(No lagomorphs were hurt during the shooting.)

(But they were during the stabbing.)


Companion Cube! :heart_eyes:

I don´t think I have a single anything made of plush.

It’s about time you fixed that :wink:

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@Nor_Treblig I have a Josef too! He eats everything.


Just because he misses his wife…


…now I feel terrible :sob:

No, no, no: You can still get Berta:

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Name the game!

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I raise by two:
(the first one isn’t released just YET)

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I guess non-LFG games are too hard :stuck_out_tongue:

So I’ve re-enacted the original shot from this thread. Maybe somebody knows where the ViewMaster is from…

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