Adventure game sale at Humble Store

Humble Store is doing an “End of summer sale” and there are a lot of adventure games heavily discounted. It will end in a few days.

Here is the full list of top-discounted “adventure games”; I use the quotes because you’ll find in it both point-and-click adventure games and action-based adventures like Tomb Rider. You’ll have to read all the pages of the (very long) list to spot the PnC games:

Full list of adventure games on sale.

If you are interested to non-adventure discounted games you can just clear the “genre” filter from that list.

PnC adventures that I’m buying:

I liked very much both “Lost Horizon” and “Secret Files: Tunguska”. I’m curious to see how good are the other “Secret Files” adventures, so I’m taking this bundle:

This one is a game that it’s not probably an exceptionally good adventure game, but I like its graphics a lot (it’s based on a comic book) and I want to give it a try:

If you have some discounted adventure game to suggest, let me know!

I see Tiny Brains is also discounted.
I discovered this game years ago and thought it may be fun (puzzle game, local coop with up to 4 players) but I’m still waiting for a DRM-free version…

Maybe I’ll buy it… or not, let’s see, I have 5 days to think over it.

It seems a good game, but the real fun is to play it with friends and none of my friends plays any kind of videogame. (not even mobile games. This thing is statistically puzzling. Didn’t these guys play videogames when they were kids? I have to ask them.)