I can't believe I've only just found this game!

Sure, we often post here about new adventure-like games, particularly in those threads:

I don’t remember where I saw it first but I’m following a couple of sites about adventure games and this news was all over those places at that time.

E.g. here you find news articles and reviews etc. about new and upcoming adventure games: https://adventuregamers.com/ (RSS)

This is a German one: http://www.adventure-treff.de/ (RSS)

For directly Ron-related stuff you can also monitor his blog: https://grumpygamer.com/ (RSS)

If you wonder about those RSS links:
I use news/RSS feeds to keep up with such news sites, blogs etc. (I use a self-hosted solution but you can use something like https://feedly.com/ to access them online in one place)