I can't believe I've only just found this game!

So I’m 33 and grew up playing monkey island, full throttle, DOTT and many other classics, mainly lucas arts but some others too.
I’ve never been into any other types of games except point and click adventures.
A few years ago I got back into the genre when I found takes of monkey island, which were a disappointment. Didn’t like the art/animation and that is a huge part of it for me. I struggled through them though. I know they weren’t Ron’s but felt obliged to persevere.
Then I did the remastered of mi1 and 2. AMAZING.
I only use an iPad so I don’t go on the app store much, but HOW DID I MISS THIS GAME FOR 2 WHOLE YEARS!
I must have passed over it before and not noticed, but I remember when I did. I clicked on it not knowing what it was, instantly saw the pixels and got excited, saw it was £9.99 though hmm bit expensive (paid around £4.99 for remastered monkey islands). Read the blurb, saw Ron’s name. By heart started beating fast. Went to the reviews, 5* all over the shop and non stop praise.
And wow wow wow. THANKYOU ! I went for casual mode first and as soon as the opening sequence started I knew I was in heaven.
It took me 26 hours to complete, and I didn’t use hint line (lie I did a few times) I wasn’t in a rush though and took it all in. Just started hard mode, can’t wait, hope there a lot more!
Ron Gilbert I retract my thought of a tenner being expensive I would of paid a score easy.
I’m not very computery to be honest so can I get notifications as to when a new Ron game will be out hahaha! Can’t believe I missed this.
THANKYOU to all the people who made and backed it. (Didn’t know backing games was a thing until I read this forum a bit, but I would definitely back Ron’s next one)


I know this feeling! I remember when the Kickstarter campaign popped up. A lot of money-throwing-at-the-screen action was going on :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :desktop_computer:

That’s fine, that is what it was created for :slight_smile:


Nor_Treblig how did you find out about the Kickstarter? Is there a website you can use that shows upcoming games in development or ideas etc?
I guess this is a good place to find out actually, stupid question, sorry.

Sure, we often post here about new adventure-like games, particularly in those threads:

I don’t remember where I saw it first but I’m following a couple of sites about adventure games and this news was all over those places at that time.

E.g. here you find news articles and reviews etc. about new and upcoming adventure games: https://adventuregamers.com/ (RSS)

This is a German one: http://www.adventure-treff.de/ (RSS)

For directly Ron-related stuff you can also monitor his blog: https://grumpygamer.com/ (RSS)

If you wonder about those RSS links:
I use news/RSS feeds to keep up with such news sites, blogs etc. (I use a self-hosted solution but you can use something like https://feedly.com/ to access them online in one place)

Well, of course you would have.

Welcome to this wonderful communtiy.

On a toooooootally unrelated topic, do you speak Italian and are good at acting? :stuck_out_tongue:


Aren’t £9.99 = 20 Euros? :wink:

Are you still working on it? :smiley:

Hey welcome!

Honestly, as someone who bought both, I thought they were both awful. MI1:SE more so, but both.

Do you mean the new graphic style of the remasters? I just played the original graphics with the text and voice - it was the best way to play them :slight_smile:


I also thought he’s from the UK (because, you know, I never heard tenner and score so…), but I wasn’t sure, so I went for the “default” option :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re almost there :smiley: we’re very demanding :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, actually at the moment 9,99 £ is round about 11,22 Euros (according to Google). Not long ago 10 £ were indeed 20 Euros …

Of course… :wink:

Not Italian sadly, my Spanish and French aren’t too bad,
As for acting…never tried!! Maybe I’ll be a natural :joy::joy:.
Very glad to have found this community!

Yes I do mean that villavelasco89

And yes I’m from the UK, sorry for my slang!

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Yeah the remastered graphics are pretty ugly to be fair - I don’t fault them for trying, but at least we have the choice of playing with the original graphics :slight_smile:

I’m also from the UK, so I know what you meant :smiley:

I think “amazing” is a fair enough description of the MI1 & 2 special editions even if I find the HD art merely decent. The seamless switch between old & new, the director’s commentary, I thought it was all great. It’s since been replicated in DotT, Grim Fandango, and Full Throttle because it set such an excellent example of how to properly execute an HD special edition properly with respect for the original.

NB I do have some fairly major quibbles with some of the modern GUI choices, although since it’s been a while since I played those special editions I don’t recall to what extent they apply there and to what extent it’s merely a problem with DotT.

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Yea I’ve got DOTT and Full Throttle remastered and loved them.
Could never get in to Grim, the original or the remaster and I’ve tried both. It’s the artwork/animation that I can’t get into. I’ll try again one day.
Thinking of getting Simon the sorcerer remastered next.
Also really enjoyed the journey down trilogy recently.

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The story is worth a buy. :slight_smile: So you should try it even if you don’t like the graphics. And buy/play the remastered version - it has a good point-and-click interface.


Grim is probably my favourite LucasArts adventure actually! If you liked Full Throttle (same creator), you’ll love the story/dialogue/settings of Grim Fandango :slight_smile:

I’d recommend giving it another go


Me neither. Back around the time it came out our P100 was ever so slightly too slow. so it was playable but not ideal. More important, my knowledge of the English language & American/Mexican culture wasn’t up to the task and I just didn’t understand what was going on.

Right now it’s this looming last big post-Monkey Island LucasArts adventure I haven’t played yet (I haven’t played Indy3 or Labyrinth yet either).