Indiana Jones and the Great Circle

A gameplay trailer as just been released:

Not a point & click adventure, looks more like a action FPS. Interesting that it’s 1st person, not 3rd. I would have expected the latter in an action Indy game.


Yes, me too. But the result seems to be very immersive and atmospheric. Very interesting decision.

It’s from the studio that made the recent Wolfenstein games.

I wonder who the voice actor for Indy is

Troy Baker [1]

The bigger question is whether they get the “real” voice of Indy for the German localization.


It’s interesting that they didn’t choose to change the timbre with AI to have the exact voice of a young Harrison. Nowadays that would have been possible.


Young Harrison is still older than me (if barely). :stuck_out_tongue:

In Raiders that is.

Though is it also ethical? And, more importantly, legal? I did not follow along too closely, but my impression was that the US movie actor strike was exactly to prevent something like this.

Of course, I guess they could have struck a deal with Mr. Ford to get permission, but perhaps that would have been costly. And going forward, establishing a new voice actor for the character might be a better choice (from a business perspective) in lieu of the inevitable sequels :slight_smile:.

Personally, I would have preferred a more recognizable voice, though.

well, they had to do this anyway to use his face …

I don’t see an ethical difference between getting a license to use someone’s face and to use someone’s voice ,after all.

Also notice you still have to have voice actors, to recite the lines with the correct tone. these tools only change the timber. they need a line with the correct tone. So in theory you only need one voice actor to recite all the lines of all the characters, and then change the timber with AI. But in practice it’s not ideal. You will still get better results with a female voice doing female characters, a male voice doing male characters, and maybe differentiating even more for different accents. Check this out: Voice Changer: Use AI To Change Your Voice For Free

According to this video, no.

I guess it’s the same reason why you wouldn’t cast a famous actor for some movie sequel, and then replace their face with another actor’s face. The actor wants to actually be in the movie/game, have their own face and/or voice present in the final product.

Should they have replaced Alden Ehrenreich’s face & voice in the Han Solo movie with that of young Harrison Ford? Which upcoming actor would agree to that? Feels like sabotaging your own career. “I have a new movie out! What do you mean, you saw it and I’m not in it?”

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The actors’ union that was striking (SAG-AFTRA) has just done a deal with AI firm Replica Studios, to use AI with “fully informed consent and fair compensation when it comes to the use of our members’ voices and performances” -

But in this way we could have a new Indiana Jones movie with a 40 year old Indy! Like the intro to Dial of Destiny, but better! Should they? My God, yes :slight_smile:

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