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Indiana Jones 5 with Harrison Ford directed by Spielberg

Steven Spielberg Will Start Filming Indiana Jones 5 Next Year.
Congratulations to Harrison Ford, with 76 years on his shoulder!!


Hasn’t Harrison Ford already agreed to do another part (= Indiana Jones 6)?

First time I hear of that.

I bet he´s cursing himself right now for not reading the small print.


yeah, that fine print said : “episode 7 and all previous missing numbers in either the Indiana Jones or Star Wars franchises”

So… he’ll also have to do three more SW movies as Han Solo!

Seriously, I think anything more we get from now on is an encore.

:slight_smile: If I remember well, he was happy to act in new Indiana Jones movies, and was asked to make at least another Star Wars movie (that’s also why Han Solo dies).

I was very happy when I heard of the fourth Indiana Jones movie in 2008! I remember going to the LucasFilm site daily to check the counter for the movie! That was my first “come back” to the LucasFilm world. I was so happy to watch my first Indy movie in a theater.
Unfortunately, I didn’t like the movie. But I had mixed feelings, because I felt and saw in some passages that there was such a high potential!

So I still think the next Indy movie could be a good one. There’s so much to explore in terms of screenplay. What I trust less is the sincerity of the intention. I mean if Spielberg and co. do the movie for the fans, or because they have a good story to tell, and a good movie to shot. It won’t be the Indy we remember, I’m ok with that and that’s the best part of the fourth installment, Indy hasn’t to do all he used to do before but… it has to have the same spirit! Pop references for the fourth chapter have been changed and also locations and interactions, above all in the second half, seem very false and empty.

Another example: Young Indiana Jones Chronicles… I loved that show!
When I was a kid oh! it was such a joy to take my time in the afternoon to watch it… I can still feel the emotion…

They can, but do they want?


Sounds like your expectations were too high?

Trust me, dear Someone, mine is a judgement I make after ten years have passed. I thought about it many times. My expectations were high, yes, but that doesn’t change my judgement. There are other movies I went to see (I like to go see movies at the teather) and there are cases in which my expectations were high and were even exceeded. But Indy 4 is not the case.

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I could say a lot about Crystal Skull. But I think these guys have said everything there is to say already.

"And now for my favourite topic: “MUUUUUURDER!”


Oh, gosh, is this one hour long? :slight_smile: I remember I already watched the first quarter (which I watched again now). Yes, I agree with them too!

100% same here.

I think the problem is that I still wanted Fate of Atlantis.


Oh, yeah, sure… among the other things… why not this one?

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The story is made for an adventure game. A really good adventure game. If you cut the puzzles I doubt that the remaining story would be a good movie.

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Yes there are very few moments that could be made into exciting action scenes. Also doesn´t Marcus Brody appear in the game? He would have to be played by a different actor.

But aside from that you got the reluctant female sidekick in Sophia, excavation site hunting like in Raiders and a typical Indiana Jones finale where the villain´s lust for power eventually destroys himself. Somehow I imagined Klaus Kerner to be played by Klaus Maria Brandauer and not only because of the name.

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But do these few single scenes make a great movie? You would have to rewrite a lot which means that the result won’t be the story of the adventure game anymore.

Those are the typcial elements of an Indiana Jones story. Of course they would have to be chase scenes, but you can always add that.
And also remember (as the Mr Plinkett video points out) that other than in the first 3 movies Indy killed almost nobody in Crystal Skull.

Didn’t knew that this is a quality criteria… :wink:

You´d be surprised. Many of Indy´s most memorable and funny scenes include ruthless murder. Like the shooting of the cairo swordsman or shooting through 3 Nazis on the tank in Last Crusade etc.

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Hm… Then I’m not normal. :wink: The most things I remember are the funny or “puzzle solving” parts. For example …

… the scene after the tank felt down the canyon.

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