Interview with David Fox in Halcyon Days (1997)

Chance would have it I have stumbled upon a free book from 1997 that deals with retro gaming. This being 2017 I got dizzy pondering all the loops of meta-implications.

Anyhoo, it’s a collection of interviews with 28 programmers who were doing stuff in the 70s. I didn’t know there was quite a vibrant gaming industry back then. I thought cutthroat gaming industry started more or less with ZX Spectrum in Europe and with Apple II in the States.

Boy, I was wrong. And the things those dudes were doing with limited hardware is mind blowing. Assembler was the order of the day and they were actually using everything down to a last bit of memory. We kids have it easy today. :slight_smile:

One of the interviewees is also mr. Fox of Thimbleweed Park and it’s quite an interesting read.


Thx, really interesting dive into the past. He also mentioned Broderbund in the interview, which immediately brought back the memory of Myst into my head as they were their publisher.

Mostly on Rescue On Fractalus(which is a good game!) while the only mention of Zak comes up when he talks about other games he worked on(so he at least managed to bring it in) this interviewer: :-1:

Thanks! There’s even an interview to Brian Moriarty there, which I hadn’t read before!