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Once again, a game of yours is well-loved by children. :blush:
With Monkey Island, you impressed us, children at that time.
Today’s children will remember you in 20 years, because of Thimbleweed Park!


I would like to know what they (the children) think of the ending and the “open storylines” …

Never underestimate the power of a child :grinning:
By the way, if they can’t understand everything now, they will carry inside those unanswered questions, until the adult age.

Pretty much what happened to adult players as well.

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That’s one reason why I’m curious. :slight_smile:

Children have their “own” logic. What seems for adults complex and weird, it’s logical and simple to kids. They often amaze adults with interesting questions or simple solutions to complex problems. :slight_smile:

Don’t underestimate kids. :slight_smile: (Just think about your childhood.)

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My daughter finished Freddi Fish 4 yesterday… and, well, she solved the last puzzle before I could.
Children have mental connections that are beyond our understanding… and beyond their own understanding. They just know things, not in a rational way. Kinda creepy :stuck_out_tongue: but I agree, children understand way more than we think they can.


Don’t forget that we were children too - and we had these “mental connections” too. :slight_smile: (Just think back of your childhood…)

I’m quite sure I was born old, like my father before me.